From burnout to selling out high-ticket events

From burnout to selling out high-ticket events

These are my clients and customers – the heart-centred business owners who have joined me to learn how to effectively enrol new clients – without compromising their integrity.

They are the people who care passionately about what they do and love making a difference to others through their work.  And they know that they can only do that through connecting with the value they have to offer and learning how to communicate it, even when they started out by dreading sales and not believing they could ever learn how to do it – never mind actually fall in love with it!

In this series called “Client Success in the Spotlight”, I’m introducing you to these inspiring people to spotlight the remarkable outcomes and results they’ve accomplished. And to show you what really IS possible – even from a standing start.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce:

Monica Douglas | Delightful Dating (TM)

Client Success Spotlight - Monica Douglas

Please tell us a little bit about you and your business:

I help courageous professionals to recover from separation and divorce and find fulfilling love.   

Working with me they heal heartbreak and make love a priority, so that they can date delightfully and create a loving relationship with a partner who matches them.

We work together through love and relationship coaching in groups and 1:1, Delightful Dating (TM) masterclasses, online or in-person courses, workshops and retreats.

Tell us why you do what you do:

I believe that we all deserve love and happiness. We thrive most when we are in loving and supportive relationships. And when we are thriving, the whole world benefits.

Where was your business at and how were you feeling about it before you did the course?

Before I did the course, I had been selling low price classes, courses and 1:1 coaching, ceremonies, training services and retreats.

I was burning out because I was serving many people but not receiving the revenue that matched the quality of my services and the energy that I was putting in.

What was your biggest success or breakthrough as a result of doing the course?

As a result of doing the course, I was able to sell out my high-ticket retreats and 1:1 coaching and ceremony packages.

What has been the impact on your business in the time since you took the course?

I now feel confident selling high-ticket services and charging the pricing that feels right for me. I have a sales process that feels like I am valuing myself and my work. My core relationship packages increased from low hundreds to a comfortable £2,222 and I am able to create and sell additional programmes and high-ticket retreats to help my clients embody their new ways of being.

I’ve also become a confident enrolment coach for one of my mentors, supporting clients to make congruent decisions on whether to sign up for coach training and professional development courses worth between $10,000 – $20,000. I never would have been able to do that work if I had not completed this training with Catherine.

What has been your biggest success in your business to date?

Selling out a high-ticket retreat in Barbados easefully and gracefully, which meant that I could provide a high quality service to retreat participants that was truly transformative and nourishing.

How did what you learned in the course support you in achieving this success?

The ‘Get More Clients Saying Yes!’ course gave me the mindset, skills, tools and the framework to sell in a heart-centred way to clients who need what I do.

It also taught me that it’s a service to the growth of my clients to make the offer.

It was also crucial to recognise that I am doing my potential clients a disservice if I don’t listen to them and offer a service that meets their needs, if I can.

What 3 tips would you give to other business owners who are struggling with sales?

1. Get clear on the difference that you can make to the clients that say “Yes” to your work, and then learn how to communicate that difference.

2. Price your services so that you are truly valuing the difference that you make.

3. Understand that your work is not for everyone, and not everyone will say yes. And that’s okay. It is our responsibility to serve our clients and make it possible for them to choose us – if it is the right programme, at the right time.

How can people find out more about you and your work?

If you are wondering whether you are ready to date, to attract a new love, or upgrade an existing relationship, you can complete my quiz here: Am I ready to date?

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I hope that Monica’s story helps you realise that charging your services’ worth AND being able to sell those packages to multiple clients is absolutely possible when you connect with the true worth of your work and learn how to present its value to your ideal clients in a heart-centred way.

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