How to take a (proper) Holiday

This blog article was originally written in July 2019 – but it’s just as important and relevant today as it was then: Last week I got back from my summer holiday – 2 weeks camping in Cornwall and Shropshire and then a few days with my family in Snowdonia.    Over the years I’ve learned that…


When do I move from 121 to sell one-to-many?

Sell to Many

  During a Q&A call for my “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” course a little while back one of my students asked me: “Networking is so inefficient – is there a quicker, easier way for me to get clients?” What she was really asking me was about leverage, and it was such a great question…


Give them what they want, not what they need

give them what they want

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase plenty of times before: Give them what they want, not what they need. And I’m sure you’ve always felt a bit suspicious of it too.   After all, it just has that ring of the manipulative about it doesn’t it?   Surely the authentic thing to do would be to…


How to know what Marketing will work for you

Selling from the heart Event

Last week I got up on one of my favourite soapboxes to talk about online marketing and the dangers for an early-stage business of jumping on the online bandwagon too early.  If you missed it you can read it here. As you probably know, I’m actually crazy about online business and online marketing – with…


Why Sleazy Sales Tricks Don’t Work

Way back in the dark days, when I was a corporate cubicle dweller there was a common trick used by salespeople.  One that I was taught as a rookie recruitment consultant, and it served me well – up to a point. I was trained to cold call potential clients and tell them that my company…


When you Wobble your Client Wobbles

wobbly jelly

Today I wanted to give you a quick reminder of how important it is to bring a solid, confident foundation to your sales interactions because… When You Wobble Your Client Wobbles What I mean by this is that in your interactions with potential clients you radiate a certain energy, and it’s an energy that your…


A Confused Mind Says “No”

Many keys

As you know, I want my role in your life to be to help you get more clients saying “Yes Please!” to working with you. This doesn’t only mean doing the things you need to do to guide them naturally to a Yes.   It also means NOT doing those things that you might unwittingly…


Are you Avoiding Following-Up?

Avoiding follow up

Having taught hundreds of heart-centred business owners over the past several years I know that the aspect of sales that many people find the most difficult and uncomfortable is the Follow up. You know what I mean, you meet someone while networking. You introduce yourself with your Captivating Introduction. They indicate that they might be…


The Pushmi-Pullyu of the Sales Conversation

The Pushmi-Pullyu of Sales Conversations

Today I want to talk to you about the Pushmi-Pullyu of the sales conversation. Do you remember the Pushmi-Pullyu? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a two-headed animal who has a head on opposing sides of his body. He’s a character from the book and the film Dr. Doolittle. There’s actually a Pushmi-Pullyu in…


On “keeping up” – and why Tortoises go faster

Being more of a Tortoise

I filmed this video while attending an event in Toronto in Canada a while ago – and it’s become one of those really important videos that I’ve shared over and over again both within my membership community and with clients because it is such an important message about something that I see holds people back…


Understanding the 5 Stages of Business

5 stages of business

This article is going to give you a clarity that I find is missing for a lot of people in their first few years in business – certainly for me those first few years felt like navigating from inside a bank of fog.   Even when things were “working” I often didn’t know why, or know…


Are you Thinking about Starting a Membership?

starting a membership

Are you thinking of starting a membership? Or maybe you’ve already started one and the next step for you is to grow it? If so I thought I’d gather some useful resources together for you to help get you started. Here’s why: Back in 2016 I was driving on the South Circular in London when…