Embracing the Seasons of your Business to find your Flow

seasons of business

Earlier this year I was speaking to a business owner who was feeling anxious that she had not made any sales in the first part of the year. I reassured her that just because she might have a month where she does less business doesn’t mean that something is inherently broken in her business. It…


What 13 years in Business has Taught Me

What 8 years in business has taught me

It was October 2010. I’d recently qualified as an NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapist and coach  (I already had a Postgrad Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and my Yoga Teacher Training certification under my belt).  Always one to do things “properly”, I’d registered my business as a sole trader and set up a business bank account – after…


The “Less is More” of Marketing

Less is more of marketing

Did you start your business because you wanted to make a difference but you never imagined it would be this hard to get your first few paying clients? Maybe you’ve been jumping from one thing to the next without giving anything a chance to get traction, and you can’t seem to settle on that “one…


Can I be Heart-Centred and still be successful?

Can I be "heart-centred" and still be successful?

“Heart-Centred” is a phrase that I use a lot when talking about my approach to business. I first heard it at a time when I was struggling to define who I was in business and who I was here to serve. When I came across it I instantly felt: “That’s it!  That’s me… and those…


I really struggle to sell myself

woman knocking at door seen through a peephole and smiling

Today I want to talk about a phrase that I often hear: “I really struggle when it comes to selling myself.” Every time I hear it, I just think: “Ouch, no wonder you’re finding it difficult!” You see, to me the idea of needing to sell yourself, feels like such a lot of pressure. In…


Why I love launching ( …and could it be right for you?)

To Launch or not to Launch

During the past month you’ll have noticed a lot more activity from me than is “normal” during the rest of the year – whether you joined the course or not, thanks for sticking with me! There were invitations free events: Fall in Love with Sales week, the Heart-Centred Sales Masterclass and Q&A sessions.  You may…


Do you find your clients can’t afford you?

when your clients can't afford you

This is a story about me and my business. But it is also a story about you and your business. You see, my clients can’t afford to work with me. Let me tell you more: There is a particular type of person who I feel most strongly called to work with and with whom I…


Is it time to Commit to Sales Mastery?

Sales Mastery

Those of you who know me well will know that I have my “soapbox” moments! And there’s something in particular that I find myself getting into a bit of a rant about every now and again. I wrote about it last year and it certainly triggered quite a response. It’s an important message and it…


What to do about “I Can’t Afford It”

My client (let’s call her Jane) was having a great sales conversation with a potential client for her Big Leap Programme and it was clear to both of them just how much this lady would benefit from working with her. But when she asked “would you like to book your first session?” the client said:…


Lost your Mojo? …here’s why it’s a good thing!

have you lost your mojo

It’s September again, with that “back to school” feel – not only if you’ve got kids, but for all of us who took time off over the summer as we gear up ready to get back into the flow of work and business. There is one thing I am guaranteed to hear several times a…


Why selling by the session hurts everyone

Therapist talking to client, client looks unhappy

Today I want to talk to you about why selling your services by the session or by the hour is not only hurting your business, but it’s also hurting your clients. I have been teaching exactly why this puts you and your business on a downward spiral inside my Get More Clients Saying Yes! course…