Read some success stories from people who have completed the "Get More Clients Saying Yes!" course - and be inspired to join them in falling in love with sales

Jessica Fearnley

Jessica Fearnley
Small Business Consultant

What I gained from the course went so far beyond what I paid for it: I made more than the fee back during the duration of the course, achieving my highest selling month to date. And I was able to set a price for my package that was a truer reflection of the value of my service (around ten times what I was initially charging).


Catherine's 'Get More Clients Saying Yes!' course was exactly the right thing for me at the point I was at in my business. I was undervaluing my services and struggling with confidence - the decision to pay the course fee was a huge event for me.

I now have a plan for my business that feels exciting, and I have set my sights so much higher than I would have imagined doing even three months ago. Each module of the course is packed full of high-quality, relevant content and I would recommend it to everyone with a heart-centred business!

For me, it has been utterly transformational, and I'm so glad I decided to say yes. 

Wendy Capewell

Wendy Capewell
The Relationship Specialist

Heart-centred doesn't just describe her business, it describes Catherine. Her passion shines through, and I learned so much during the 8 week course. I really felt Catherine cared about me as a person and that my success was important to her.


To be completely honest, before working with Catherine I was doubtful she could teach me anything I hadn't learned before. On previous courses I had been through a sausage machine, with standard information being churned in a standard format. How wrong I was!

I have made positive changes in my business, including deciding to specialise in relationships and I am laser focused now. And yes, Catherine you were so right when you said to me recently "I told you so!"

If you're considering working with Catherine - I would say take the leap of faith. You won't regret it.

Ann Brown

Ann Brown
Business Flow Coach

Doing this course has completely transformed my feelings and beliefs around sales! I now see sales as an essential part of my 'giving' to my potential clients, and it feels much more natural and congruent, and definitely not 'icky' anymore. (I'm amazed and can hardly believe the transformation myself!)


Before I did the 'Get More Clients Saying Yes!' course my sales conversations were icky and awkward (and not very successful).

I can wholeheartedly recommend this course and Catherine - just buy it - it will be the best thing you ever did! I even got two paying clients from my 'practice' sessions (which paid me back the course fee twice over) so this stuff definitely works!

Andy Hix

Andy Hix
Mindfulness Consultant

I sold my first ever coaching package after the 6th week and as she says on the front page of her website, once I knew how, it was almost effortless. I've become an evangelist for Catherine's course and her methods - I think everyone who works in a heart-centred business needs this training!


When I decided to do the course, I couldn't really afford it, but I dug into my savings believing it would be a good investment. Catherine's "You'll make the money back by the end of the eight weeks" sold it to me. And I did!

I followed the process, and by the time it got to the price the client was really excited about working with me and didn't hesitate in saying yes. She felt great, I felt great, and it filled me with confidence that I'll be able to do this process again and again.

Hazel Bates

Hazel Bate
Faster EFT Practitioner

I thought twice about signing up for the course because of the cost, but I quickly realised it was worth every penny and more. I learnt so much and hadn't realised that sales could be done in such a comfortable way.

I already notice a difference when speaking to people how much more receptive they are to what I do.

Franziska Birke

Franziska Birke
Coach & Inspirer

Yippee! This stuff works! For the first time I practiced the 7 steps conversation today and signed up an ideal client for my programme. I'm over the moon!!

It felt so smooth and easy on both ends and I'm deeply grateful to you Catherine for everything you've taught us. 

Fiona Heart

Fiona Heart
Author, Speaker, Coach

I am a personal trainer and took Catherine's course as I'd procrastinated for years about launching a new business idea. I realised I had a lot of personal doubts which stopped me creating a profitable business. The Get More Clients Saying Yes! programme was fantastic on so many levels.

I became part of a community that proved I wasn't alone in my fear of sales and it gave me confidence to ask my questions as I felt so safe and supported. This alone was worth more than the cost of the programme.

The programme not only taught me how to sell, but also removed my own money blocks and fears that had stopped me for so long. I am so excited to finally launch my coaching business.

Thank you Catherine for a wonderfully informative, enjoyable and powerful course, I am finally doing what I was born to do.

I encourage anyone who is struggling to launch or grow their business to do this programme.

Jane Bennett

Jane A Bennett

Going on Catherine’s course was the best investment I’ve ever made in my business and the best remote course I’ve been on.

I particularly liked the way it takes you through every detail you need (including stuff around money and creating a programme), nothing is thrown in just to bulk up the course – everything is useful and relevant.

It has made a huge difference to my confidence and paid for itself several times over. Thank you for your support and your programme.

Judith Rayner

Judith Rayner

To describe this as a sales course is misleading, it is so much more than the title. Catherine gives tons of content and detail. In the first few weeks I signed up two new clients and even got a new client through one of my practice calls which I really didn’t expect – so I made back my investment and more well before the 8 weeks was up!

I am so much more confident and clear on my programmes and pricing, on how to talk about what I do and the value I bring – the journey going forward feels exciting!

Thank you Catherine, truly awesome!


Annette Self

I went from selling single sessions, struggling with my cash flow and dipping into savings to get by, to selling packages for more than I believed was possible.

It has allowed me to manage the number of clients I work with in a year so I have better cash flow. I’ve also got more committed wonderful clients and more personal time. I’m thrilled with my decision