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To save you time, you might want to read below to find out what I typically say "Yes" to...

Interview Requests

Yes please! Being interviewed is one of my favourite things to do so I'd love to inspire your audience by sharing my knowledge, advice and experience.

I will typically say Yes to:

Podcast or expert interviews on the topics of authentic sales, business and marketing with integrity, mindset and my personal business journey, joint ventures, launching and running online programmes or anything else that's a specific area of expertise for me.

I will typically say No to:

Online summits, especially if I don't know you and we haven't been personally introduced.  Anything that requires me to email my list to endorse programmes or people that I have no personal experience of.


If you'd like to book me to share my knowledge and inspire your audience at your event please get in touch. We will send you a form so you can provide us with some relevant details and will get back to you - usually within a week - to let you know if I can make it.

Work with Me

What I love to do:

I love it that you'd like to work with me, and I'd love to support you too! Please check out the 'Work With Me' section of the website for the different options for my group programmes. At certain times of the year I also take on private clients for 1:1 mentoring and coaching so it's worth reaching out.

What I don't do:

I don't take on corporate training gigs, create bespoke workshops, deliver training for MLM companies or coach you if you are part of a sales team for a large organisation.

It's not that there's anything wrong with these, they are just not what makes my heart sing. My heart is 100% in helping small business owners get more clients and grow their business.

Promoting your Offer

I'm sure your course or offer is amazing and well done for getting it out into the world!  However I only promote products and services that I can 100% vouch for. This normally means I have experienced them myself, worked with you 1:1, or I've seen clients of mine get amazing results from working with you.  Please don't ask me to joint venture with you if I don't already know your work.


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