Watch these short videos
and start to fall in love with sales

Hi, I'm Catherine Watkin, I'm an expert in heart-centred sales.
I work with people who are passionate about making a difference through their work. They might be just starting out and shying away from sales situations, or have been in business for many years but just can't get comfortable with the sales techniques they've been taught. Either way it's affecting their ability to enrol new clients and make the difference they really want to.
I teach them a unique approach to enrolling new clients that feels genuinely authentic and comfortable - for them and  their clients.  No 'icky' sales techniques and most definitely no "closing".  And that doesn't just merit a big sigh of relief - this style of sales is actually way more effective too! 

  • Learn this 7 step structure for a truly effective sales conversation

    ... one that your clients will thank you for - and you will enjoy!

  • Guide your perfect clients to an excited 'Yes please!'

    ...but only if it's really right for them - and without using a single pushy, self-serving or manipulative technique

  • Increase your confidence

    ...and avoid those "friendly chats" that lead to lots of new friends - but not enough clients

  • Say goodbye to those "cringy" moments

    ...when you hear yourself switch from caring consultant to sleazy salesperson

  • Finally look forward to sales situations

    ...because you know you've got your clients best interests at heart


Harriet Waley-Cohen
Health & Wellbeing Coach

I just had to write and tell you how brilliantly your Free '7 Steps to Yes!' system is working for me with my client consultations. I signed up another new client last night after sticking pretty much to the system and it felt natural and totally right so a big THANK YOU from me.

Nicky Moran
Empowering Creatives

Thank you so much for your FREE video e-course. It was excellent. My sales rates used to be hit and miss but since learning your process I have had a 90% success rate with potential clients. I also really enjoy selling now.

Ben Nash
Video Production

I have had two sales calls in the last two weeks using the 7 Steps system from your FREE video series and hey presto - it worked BOTH TIMES. Result! Catherine Watkin you are a hero!

Akasha Lonsdale
Confident Communication

You might like to know that my husband John has been using the FREE '7 Steps to Yes!' outline and getting quite a few new clients as a result. So Big Thanks as always.