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when your clients can't afford you

Do you find your clients can’t afford you?

This is a story about me and my business. But it is also a story about you and your business. You see, my clients can’t afford to work with me. Let me tell you more: There is a particular type of person who I feel most strongly called to work with and with whom I do my best work and…

Sales Mastery

Is it time to Commit to Sales Mastery?

Now, those of you who know me well will know that I do have my “soapbox” moments! And there’s something in particular that I find myself getting into a bit of a rant about every now and again. I wrote about it last year and it certainly triggered quite a response. It’s an important message and it still bugs me…

Closing Sale

Why “Closing the Sale” won’t work for your Heart-Centred Business

A few years ago I ran a poll as part of a webinar I was running on “heart-centred sales”. To my surprise over half of the respondents answered that their biggest sales challenge was “Closing the Sale”. This response was not what I expected, and for me it marked one of those big “Aha!” moments that helped me understand my…

Therapist talking to client, client looks unhappy

Why selling by the session hurts everyone

Today I want to talk to you about why selling your services by the session or by the hour is not only hurting your business, but it’s also hurting your clients. I’ve had two recent personal experiences that have really highlighted this for me and have inspired me to record this video for you. Watch the video or scroll down…


What to do about “I Can’t Afford It”

My client (let’s call her Jane) was having a great sales conversation with a potential client for her Big Leap Programme and it was clear just how much this lady would benefit from working with her. But when she asked “would you like to book your first session?” the client said: “Oh, I would love to…. but I just can’t…

woman knocking at door seen through a peephole and smiling

I really struggle to sell myself

Today I want to talk about a phrase that I often hear: “I really struggle when it comes to selling myself.” Every time I hear it, I just think: “Ouch, no wonder you’re finding it difficult!” You see, to me the idea of needing to sell yourself, feels like such a lot of pressure. In fact, I would hate it…

Avoiding follow up

Are you Avoiding Following-Up?

Having taught hundreds of heart-centred business owners over the past decade I know that one area of sales most people struggle with is the whole “following up” bit. You’ll probably recognise it – it goes something like this: You meet someone while networking (this could be online or offline).  You introduce yourself with your Captivating Introduction. They indicate that they…

Why would they spend money on me?

“Why would they spend their money on me?”

There is a block that is really surprisingly common amongst the types of heart-centered business owners that I tend to work with: Doubting the value that you can bring your clients, doubting your own value, and doubting the value of the work that you do – they’re all slightly different, but closely related. Watch the video or scroll down to…

Remember Zippy from Rainbow?

Remember Zippy from Rainbow?

I might be at risk of showing my age with this one… but do you remember Zippy from Rainbow? Poor old Zippy, he had a zip instead of lips so when he went “on and on” talking too much his friends would just grab one end of the zip and pull it round to shut him up! Do you need…

Should you fire difficult client

Should you “fire” that difficult client?

One of the things you get better at as your sales process improves is learning how to sign up only your most ideal clients – the ones who you most love working with, and with whom you get the best results. In the early days you can just feel grateful that anyone is willing to pay you! But as time…

How to set prices for your services

How to Set the Right Price for your Services

I know from the clients I work with that pricing is one of the key things that keeps many heart-centred business owners stuck and prevents them getting out there and enrolling new clients. It is so common for me to be asked:   “What should I be charging?”  or “What is the “right price” for my service/programme?”. Well, here’s the gnarly…

The Pushmi-Pullyu of Sales Conversations

The Pushmi-Pullyu of the Sales Conversation

Today I want to talk to you about the Pushmi-Pullyu of the sales conversation. Do you remember the Pushmi-Pullyu? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a two-headed animal who has a head on opposing sides of his body. He’s a character from the book and the film Dr. Doolittle. There’s actually a Pushmi-Pullyu in your sales conversations too! What…