How your Client Feels when you don’t Follow up

How your Client Feels when you don’t Follow up

I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and that it’s been relaxing and productive for you in equal measure, and you’re feeling relaxed and ready to refocus on the remainder of the business year.

As part of my own summer break a few years ago, I attended a small festival where I had a healing session that was very nurturing and left me eager to do more work with the healer – but she didn’t have a good follow up process, and so 3 weeks later, I still hadn’t booked anything.

I hear clients of mine talk all the time about how uncomfortable they feel when it comes to “following up” with potential clients – but are often unaware of how this can leave the client feeling.

So I’ve recorded this video for you to share my experience through the eyes of the client as a reminder to you of just how important it is to follow up confidently and supportively.


In the video I share

  • How it leaves the client feeling if you leave them hanging at the end of a first session, or after a conversation where you’ve said you will follow up.
  • Why as clients we don’t make the first move to follow up and why things so often fizzle out if you just leave it for the client to get back to you.
  • Why as clients we not only don’t mind follow up, we actually welcome it – even expect it, and how it can feel when that doesn’t happen
  • The tweaks I would have made to this practitioners sales and follow up process to maximise her chance of booking ongoing business, and minimise the chance of her clients being left feeling unsupported.

I’m sure you will see how you can apply some of this to your own business.

I’ve also previously written a blog post on the same topic and you can read that here:

Are you Avoiding Following Up?

You can read that blog post here

It includes some great examples of the sorts of things that we tell ourselves by way of avoiding following up with people. And the things the clients tell themselves. And how the combination of these two sets of “made up stories” too often leads to the business owner missing out on business, and the potential client missing out on getting the help and support they need.

Are you getting some insights into where you might be missing out on business through poor follow up, but also how that could be leaving the client feeling?   If so do let me know in the comments below – I always love to hear from you!

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With Love & Gratitude,


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  1. Ann Brown on September 2, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Thanks for sharing your experience Catherine – it’s so true, the stories we tell ourselves about why we shouldn’t follow up because we don’t want to seem pushy, and yet how heartbreaking it is as the client, to be ‘rejected’ in this way.
    I will remember this, and yes, do my own extra follow ups!
    Welcome back to the Autumn! x 🙂

    • Catherine on September 4, 2016 at 5:41 pm

      Thanks Ann! And I know it is my “stuff” but I often find myself feeling that the person simply doesn’t want to work with me – when all they are doing is holding back for fear of being pushy. I hope your extra follow ups prove fruitful!

  2. Lana Karasevych on September 2, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    Thank you Catherine for all your videos I love it. I love your blog/video posts because obviously you have such a lovely voice and smile, it feels your are a very warm person and I would have a pleasure to work with you.I feels this connection.

    Kind regards, Lana

    • Catherine on September 4, 2016 at 5:42 pm

      Hi Lana
      Thank you for your lovely comments, and I’m so glad you love my videos – I would like to do more than I do so this encourages me xx

  3. Anita Bailey on September 2, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Hello Catherine,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have gained quite a lot insight into how the clients could feel when I don’t follow up.

    I have just started a couple of new businesses and have been trying to promote them.

    I have so challenged in this area because it is truly out of my comfort zone but I like what you said “get out of my comfort and make the client feel more comfortable.” Think more of the client that of myself.

    How do I do that? Not feel like I am being pushy.

    • Catherine on September 4, 2016 at 5:45 pm

      Hello Anita, I’m glad this gave you new insights – and I wish you all the best with your new businesses – and yes, if you can keep putting the client first it will help you keep moving forward even in those more uncomfortable moments.

  4. Anita on September 2, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Hello Catherine,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have gained quite a lot insight into how the clients could feel when I don’t follow up.

    I have just started a couple of new businesses and have been trying to promote them.

    I am challenged in this area because it is truly out of my comfort zone but I like what you said “get out of my comfort and make the client feel more comfortable.” Think more of the client that of myself.

    How do I do that? Not feel like I am being pushy.

  5. Claire on August 30, 2018 at 10:22 am

    Thank you for sharing your insights from your experience with Diana. I learnt something new.

    There are also two points that came to mind.

    Firstly, I wonder if she has a criteria for her ideal client and one criteria is that the potential client takes responsibility for their growth and personal development and if they are really committed to this, THEY will follow up and request the booking, suggest the dates that suit them, and state the venue they wish for. That way the potential client is demonstrating to Diana that they truly desire the result she can help catalyse for them and they won’t be messing her about and time wasting. If the potential client is being passive and waiting for the practitioner to take responsibility for them getting the results they say they want, via follow-ups (which costs time and effort, and when multiplied by umpteen potential clients, that’s a lot of time taken from one’s day for little guarantee of paid-for bookings) one has to question the potential client’s commitment to their personal growth and well being. So yes, as you queried, maybe she’s waiting for you to step up and request the booking affirmatively and then she knows it’s worth the effort pursuing your business.

    From what you said, I understood that you didn’t actually state to her what you really wanted. Because of your gremlin, you didn’t FEEL fully committed to getting the results you desired and therefore, despite having the info you needed to request a booking (Diana stated her contact info, where she works from, the packages she offers, the costs??, she responded warmly to your email,), you chose not to do so and postponed until October.

    What is leading you to postpone obtaining the result you believe working with her will bring you?

    This is a question anyone wanting to make change in their life needs to address if they find themselves not booking and paying for a service they feel will bring effective results (rather than blaming the practitioner’s sales method).

    Please note, Catherine, I’m not making this personal, but more about exploring client psyche using your exampled experience.

    I do also fully accept your teaching that as a practitioner who needs to get more clients, what you said about not leaving them feeling rejected, showing enthusiasm for working further with them, reassuring them that they are ok to work with, giving them opportunity, in several different ways, to book a Discovery session with you, if not an actual paid for booking, are crucial if you want money to flow into your business. I suppose it’s striking a quality blend of these two concepts – client taking responsibility for their wellbeing, and practitioner showing they care and want the business.

    Secondly, have you shared your feedback with her and revealed all the core points you told us about in your vlog?

    This is part of the act of compassion I believe. Caring enough about this fellow being’s success to gift them a little of our time to feedback, in a way that focuses on what the desired outcome from the interaction was, and stating what worked well too. They then decide if they take the feedback on board and make a change, or continue as they are for reasons valid to them. It’s about empowering another I feel. Let them know how you would have ideally preferred things to have gone in order for them to secure your booking. In fact, this could be an opening for you to get another paying client for your services, at some point down the line.

    We have to ask ourselves, would we appreciate a potential client giving us quality feedback about how the interaction could have gone better? If so, then lead by example, that way we send a message out to Life stating that we flow the energy pattern of ‘quality feedback’. If we pulse that, we’ll experience quality feedback in both directions- giving it, and receiving it.

    I agree with you, it is always about our stories, what energetic signals we’re pulsing out on any given topic, at any given time, that has us attracting to us more easily the outcomes we desire (or what we don’t desire).

    I appreciate you Catherine and for what you share with us. There are always pearls of wisdom and practical skills to draw on, and I love this.

    May your day sparkle and shine, Cx

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