My Pricing Journey

My Pricing Journey

Earlier this week I felt inspired to record a video for you on a topic that is so important for many of us in the context of our business and money stories – my Pricing Journey.

I get asked questions about pricing all the time:

  • How do I know if I’m charging enough?
  • I think my prices are too low but I don’t feel confident enough to increase them
  • Should I put my prices up just because other people tell me to?
  • What can I do to get more comfortable charging more?

Now, I can’t always give you the answer that’s right for you, but I can share my pricing journey with you – which is what I’ve done in the video below.

Watch between 2-9 minutes to find out how low my prices were to begin with – you might be surprised!

Pricing is such an important part of making our business and money lives work. After all if your pricing isn’t right you simply don’t have enough money to invest for the future, or even to fully enjoy your life and business in the present.

Yet I know that so many of us struggle to charge what we are worth and that fully reflects the impact we have on our clients.

And I know that I’m not alone that this was something that I struggled with hugely and kept me very stuck and frustrated in the early days of my business.

So in this video I’ve shared a bit about my pricing journey – so that you can see that it really is a “journey” – and that no matter where you are on that pricing journey today there is so much further to go and so much more to grow into. In fact your journey of pricing is really a journey of growing into your full potential.

I also share how I always know when it’s time to increase my prices – and it’s almost never because someone else tells me I should (although having someone challenge me and stretch my thinking always helps.)

If you are busy then just watch from 2-9 minutes to find out just how little I was charging when I first started out (if you suspect you are not yet charging enough it might help you feel a lot better!)

I really hope this video inspires you to realise that even if you are finding it hard to charge what you are worth right now that can change dramatically with time, experience and confidence.

PS  Editing video isn’t one of my super powers so you’ll notice a couple of “verbal typos” in there – I’m calling them “vypos!” (e.g. I definitely don’t charge £5,000 per hour – or if I do that’s still a bit further ahead on the journey!)

Let me know if this was useful in the comments below – and tell me if you’d like more blogs and videos to help you with your pricing in future

With Love & Gratitude,


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