From no family holidays to £5-10k months

From no family holidays to £5-10k months

These are my clients and customers – the heart-centred business owners who have joined me to learn effective ways to get new clients – without compromising their integrity.

They are the people who care passionately about what they do and love making a difference to others through their work. Yet they know that they can only do that through connecting with the value they have to offer and learning how to communicate it. Even when they dread sales and don’t believe they could ever learn how to do it – never mind actually fall in love with it!

I want to share success stories from these wonderful people to spotlight the remarkable outcomes and results they’ve accomplished. And to show you what really IS possible – even from a standing start.

So in this series called “Client Success in the Spotlight”, I’ll be introducing you to these inspiring people.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce:

Inger Madsen | Helping Families be Happy again

Client Success Spotlight - Inger Madsen

Please tell us a little bit about you and your business:

I help families be happy again by working with angry, anxious and stressed children & teens whose parents have very similar feelings, and know that how they respond to their child is part of the problem.

I help parents become a powerful part of the solution and help the family come together so nobody walks on eggshells, everybody knows how to heal and deal with stress – and a healthy family dynamic is restored.

Tell us why you do what you do:

I have experienced first-hand that the ‘stuff’ that happens to us when we are young, and the meaning we give it, limits and hurts us for the rest of our lives. And with just a little bit of help at the right time, so much pain and trouble can be avoided.

I feel strongly about spreading the message that there are effective solutions that deliver results and do not carry stigma. It’s very sad when a child or teenager is weighed down and worried right when they should be expanding and embracing all that life has to offer them. I recognise their pain, and I have worked out how to transform and heal it for myself. And now I feel so passionate about this work, that I made it my business to help others through it.

Where was your business at and how were you feeling about it before you did the course?

Basically, my business didn’t bring in enough money, I only survived by renting a room in my house to a lodger and as a single mum I had not been able to take my daughters on holiday for years.

What was your biggest success or breakthrough as a result of doing the course?

My biggest breakthrough as a result of doing the course was truly understanding the actual sales process. Truthfully, I had NO IDEA that there even was a process and I loved that what Catherine teaches wasn’t in the slightest bit “sleazy” or pushy.

What has been the impact on your business in the time since you took the course?

Creating packages for my clients and actually loving delivering my “WayForward” Consultations (my sales calls) means that I now have a business that is healthy and profitable.

Because my business took off, I was finally able to book our first family holiday in years, which as a single mum felt wonderful to be able to do. I’ve had other amazing trips since then, and this year I’m going to Nepal for 3 weeks!

Another big difference has been understanding the psychology of different offers, and how to handle concerns that clients may have, especially as I work with parents, and often one parent is ‘sold’ and the other isn’t. With the help of the course, I learned how I can clearly explain what I do in a way that helps me connect with parents and makes them want to know more – and helps them make the right decision for them.

What has been your biggest success in your business to date?

Simply put, the bottom line in my business which is now consistently profitable and sustainable.

First, my business revenue finally became consistent, and then it grew gradually until I was regularly bringing in between £5k – £10k per month. The savings in the bank this gave me meant I had less worry when the cost of living crisis hit, and has given me the space to step back a bit and work on the next iteration of my business.

But also the increase in my confidence, the sheer reach of people I have helped, my sense of fulfilment and achievement in what I do – and the delicious freedom of not being on the breadline because you can’t ignore your calling but also haven’t got a clue of how to run a business.

I haven’t done any other sales training course (and only one other short business course). I can directly link what I’ve learned from Catherine with the success of my business and because of that I’m still in her business community today.

How did what you learned in the course support you in achieving this success?

Honestly, I just applied everything I learned from Catherine. She provides really straightforward teaching that you can implement immediately, and see the results even while you’re still doing the course.

What 3 tips would you give to other business owners who are struggling with sales?

1. Don’t hesitate to join this course if you get a chance. It will pay for itself many, many, many times over.

2. Find a community of like-minded business owners to practise your newfound sales skills with, or use as a sounding board for creating your compelling message.

3. Remember that you were not born to know how to do this, but you CAN learn, and with time it doesn’t seem so scary any more.

How can people find out more about you and your work?

They can find out more on my website:

I hope that Inger’s story has helped you see that building a business around what you’re passionate about and creating real fulfilment through your work and the people that you serve really is possible!


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