Being in Service while generating 4-figure sales each month

Being in Service while generating 4-figure sales each month

In this series called “Client Success in the Spotlight”, I’m introducing you to these inspiring people to spotlight the remarkable outcomes and results they’ve accomplished both during and since doing the Get More Clients Saying Yes! course. And to show you what really IS possible – even from a standing start.

They are the people who care passionately about what they do and love making a difference to others through their work.  And they know that they can only do that through connecting with the value they have to offer and learning how to confidently communicate it to their clients.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce:

Linda Anderson – Tap Into Your Success


Please tell us a little bit about you and your business:

I teach transformational coaches, healers and creatives how to overcome self-doubt, procrastination and blocks to marketing and sales, so they can jump off the hamster-wheel of overwhelm and ‘busy work’, and take inspired, effective action towards their goals.

As a result, they grow their business with more ease and flow, and are well paid for the gifts that come naturally to them. They also have a lot more fun along the way.

Tell us why you do what you do:

I found a way to break through my own fears and blocks to success and I’m on a mission now to help others break through too.

I know how frustrating and painful it is to be held back by procrastination and self-doubt, and how scary it can be when we step out into the world to claim the true value of our gifts.

I’ve seen too many gifted people being needlessly paralysed by those doubts and fears, and eventually going back to paid employment, which means their true calling ends up a hobby business on the side. It’s such a waste of talent and I want to help that stop.

Where was your business at and how were you feeling about it before you did the Get More Clients Saying Yes! course?

My business was barely surviving, let alone thriving, and I was questioning whether I should give it all up and start looking for a job.

I’d had some business coaching and been taught the basics of packaging and pricing, but I dreaded the thought of selling programmes rather than single sessions, and I had no clue how to make an offer in a way that didn’t feel manipulative and self-serving.

What was your biggest success or breakthrough as a result of doing the course?

The course taught me how to lead a potential client through a sales conversation in a way that’s in alignment with my values and feels comfortable for them and for me. No manipulating or convincing required, simply being of service and helping them to reach the clarity they need to make the right decision for them.

I actually look forward to those conversations now, rather than dreading them.

What has been the impact on your business in the time since you took the course?

I went from charging £70 a session and stressing over where my next client was coming from, to happily selling my Jump Start and Big Leap To Success transformational programmes. Over time as my confidence grew, my pricing increased and I now consistently generate 4-figure sales each month – and that’s despite taking several long absences from business due to challenges in my personal life.

What has been your biggest success in your business to date?

The impact on my business and my peace of mind has been transformational.

Knowing that I can consistently make £3,000-£6,000 a month without burning myself out, taking time out when I need to, and working with clients who absolutely light me up feels amazing.

How did what you learned in the course support you in achieving this success?

I learned how to package and present my services in a way that conveys the true value to my ideal clients.

I learned how to lead them through a sales conversation with integrity, in a relaxed and structured way that gives them clarity and helps them feel good about stepping into working with me if we’re the right fit, and if it’s the right time for them.

Whether they sign up to work with me or not, I know they will leave the call with more clarity than when we started on what they need to do to move forward.

It always feels great to know I’m genuinely being of service on the call, which is a bonus and makes those conversations feel so good now – something I never believed I would be able to say!

What 3 tips would you give to other business owners who are struggling with sales?

1. It’s normal to feel awkward about sales and selling when you first start out. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or that you’ll never be able to do it. There are simply some things that you need to learn.

2. Find out how to lead a structured sales conversation in a heart-centred, non-pushy way that allows your potential clients to recognise you as someone who can help them, if you’re a good fit. No convincing or manipulating required.

3. Do the inner work to overcome any deep-seated doubts and fears around sales, so you can feel just as confident and relaxed in those conversations as you are in sessions with your clients, and allow yourself to receive the success you want and deserve.

How can people find out more about you and your work?

By downloading my free Quiz to Discover Your Hidden Blocks to Money & Success

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