[Podcast] Selling from Webinars – without the Sleaze

[Podcast] Selling from Webinars – without the Sleaze

I’m a real fan of launching having been launching my own course and now membership regularly for the past decade! So I was thrilled to be invited to ‘The Launch Lab’ Podcast hosted by Liz Meville, and even more excited by the theme of this particular episode – how to sell from webinars without the sleaze.

Catherine Watkin - How to sell on webinars without the sleaze

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I work with people who’ve gone into business because their primary motivating factor is to make a difference and help others through their work, and I find that it’s this particular group of people who struggle most when it comes to sales. The thing is, they don’t want to come across as self-serving or manipulative, so sales can feel very ‘icky’ to them.

This is why I’ve seen so many webinars that are expertly presented, and yet, when it comes to making the offer, you can just feel that shift in the energy.

The presenter has been absolutely in their zone of genius, and done all the training and delivered the content expertly – but now there’s a drop in energy – very often because THEY feel so uncomfortable about switching from teacher, trainer or consultant to “sales mode”.

Sound familiar?

So how DO you sell from webinars without it feeling like a hard pitch, and without that drop in energy that your audience will pick up on, even if just subconsciously?

That’s exactly what I talk about in The Launch Lab podcast!

You can listen to this podcast episode here.

The main reason why people feel uncomfortable when it comes to sales, is that most of us have had at least one bad experience of feeling unheard or pushed into a sale…

We’ve been on the receiving end of bullying sales tactics that leave us feeling bad about ourselves afterwards

So, of course, we don’t want to do that to other people!     But this is where we get stuck because it can lead to us avoiding making confident offers and invitations to work with us – and instead we end up doing nothing.

But there’s another reason….

And this is relevant to those who have learned sales or trained in traditional sales.

It’s because what you’ve been told you need to do to make sales is not congruent with your values, so again you feel a knot in your stomach and cringe at the thought of selling – even if you do a good job of pretending otherwise if you feel like you are being in any way manipulative or disingenuous this will come across when you present your offer.

So how do we sell with integrity in a way that actually does feel comfortable and is effective?

How do we stop those mind Gremlins that can kick in when you suddenly have to change from being a teacher and expert in your webinar to ‘now I’m a sales person!’?

To do that I encourage people to really tune in to a feeling of coming from a place of service. Rather than coming from a place of, “I’ve got to sell and get a YES at all costs because that’s my agenda for today.” this transforms into, “I’m putting what’s best for the client at the heart of this interaction”. And that’s when your offer comes across as genuine, congruent and even confident – because you truly believe you can make a difference.

Here are some of the things I talked about on the podcast:

  • When we really believe in what we’re selling, and are confident about the value we bring, that conviction in itself is really compelling.  After all, nobody wants to buy from somebody who doesn’t believe in what they’re offering.
  • The importance of being able to articulate really clearly the value of what you offer so that your potential clients understand why buying it could be a good thing for them – if you can do that you don’t need to draw on as many “techniques” designed to persuade people to buy.
  • Your intention is everything.   You can ask a question or say something on a webinar that can come across as pushy and self-serving, or those exact same words can feel supportive and encouraging – the difference is the energy and intention behind it.  This is what influences the tone of voice, the speed, the reflection, and the level of conviction you have when you express it.

It sounds simple I know.  But the truth is that even when you are coming from that place of service, there is still that point where you desperately want it to work, you want to make the sale because you want to grow your business and have revenue coming in. How do you stop that heart-racing moment where you want that outcome so much?


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