Are you Thinking about Starting a Membership?

Are you Thinking about Starting a Membership?

Are you thinking of starting a membership? Or maybe you’ve already started one and the next step for you is to grow it? If so I thought I’d gather some useful resources together for you to help get you started. Here’s why:

Back in 2016 I was driving on the South Circular in London when I had the “hallelujah” moment about why my business had not felt quite “right” for me, despite the outward and financial success. And as a result of that epiphany, at the end of that year I launched my first membership, Business from the Heart. Right now as I write this I have 403 fabulous members and this membership has become the very heart and soul of my business.

One of the first things I did after I realising that a membership was the way I was really meant to serve my clients and make my impact was to sign up to learn from Stu McLaren, the “memberships guy”. I joined his programme in 2017 – and I’m still in a programme with him 4 years later! Later this month, Stu will be opening his course to teach you how to start, run, launch and scale your own membership.

For those of you thinking about starting a membership I thought I’d give you a roundup of some of my articles on memberships, as well as how you can learn more from Stu this month.

starting a membership

Here’s a roundup of some articles I’ve written specifically about memberships:

The story of how I started a membership

5 reasons to start a membership

5 reasons NOT to start a membership… and what to do instead

Do you really need a big list to launch a membership?

And to help you decide if a membership really is the right business model for you:

Is your business model right for you?

Inspired about memberships and ready to learn more?

My mentor Stu McLaren is launching his course later this month (the one I did back in 2017 – except it’s much better now). In the lead up to that he’s offering a few things to help you learn more about memberships:

Workshop Training Series – Starts 22nd April

Turn what you know, love and do into a profitable membership business.

Sign up for the Free Workshop series here

Yep, you’ve guessed it. This is one of those shiny “video series” launches. But believe me it’s full of really GOOD stuff. You will learn so much about how to create a successful membership from this free series that it’s 100% worth taking part in, even if you don’t decide to go on and join the course. I loved every minute of it, learned so much, and in my case it DID inspire me to join his course (in fact that was the one and only time I already had my credit card ready before the thing was on sale!)

Don’t want to wait until 22nd April? Here are couple of useful guides to help you get started right away:

Getting Started:

How to launch a successful and profitable membership 

Download the Memberships guide here

Already have a membership:

12 tips from 6 & 7 figure membership owners to help boost your own business

Download the Secret Tips guide here

Note: The links to Stu’s stuff are affiliate links. If you sign up through my link and you later join his course I may receive a thank-you payment.

I really hope you’ll enjoy immersing yourself in learning about memberships via my own blogs, and from my mentor Stu (I do love this guy, he’s super high energy, has a huge heart and is totally values-led).

(And if you are already in my Business from the Heart Membership we’ve got a special session dedicated to Memberships coming up on 29th April – check the community calendar for details).

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