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How do you know when it’s time to go online?

How to know when it’s time to go Online

Something that I find myself discussing quite a lot with clients is that it’s so easy these days to fall into the belief that an online business is the holy grail of a truly successful business. But what I see is that too many small business owners jump on the online bandwagon way too early and this actually hurts and…


Are you failing to fail?

Today I want to talk to you about something a client of mine did recently, because it makes me think that maybe you are not doing enough of this yourself? What my client did was fail spectacularly at something.   This was something that I advised her to do. We’d only recently started working together and one of the first things…


My Recipe for Overwhelm

One of the most popular videos I’ve ever recorded was on Running a Business as a HSP (highly sensitive person).  So many people replied to say that the video had hit a chord with them.  It either helped them to realise that they are an HSP and to finally see why they struggle with certain things that others may take…


What do you say when people ask you what you do?

One of the business events I’m regularly invited to attend as a mentor is a retreat for women leaders run by the leadership organisation “One of Many”.  I’m typically invited there to answer questions about how to get a business started in the early stages – through attracting and enrolling those first few paying clients. While I’m there I answer…

Being more of a Tortoise

On “keeping up” – and why Tortoises go faster

I filmed this video while attending an event in Toronto in Canada a while ago – and since then it’s become one of my most popular videos ever.  I’ve shared it over and again with my membership and my clients. I created it as a reminder to you (and to me too!) that there is no such thing as trying…

4 Steps to creating 12 months of content

How to create 12 months of Content

The way my business cycles and rhythm work, January is a month of planning and putting things in place to make the rest of the year run more smoothly.  If you are doing this same, this could be the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your “Content Marketing”. (video, blogging, podcast etc.) and create a more streamlined plan…

Vision & planning process 2023

My Vision and Planning Process

Happy New Year! Whether you are fully back to work this week, easing yourself in gently (like I am) or still on your Christmas break, I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season and that you are feeling optimistic about what 2024 will bring! After 3 years of pretty major challenges with my health, in July this year I finally…


Why I break for Christmas (and think you should too)

At the time you’re reading this, it’s the last working week before Christmas here at Selling from the Heart HQ. From 15th December we close the office for the Christmas period, until Tuesday 2nd January.  We’ll be putting the “out of office” on the inbox and the phone service, and going off to have some genuine down time to rest…

seasons of business

Embracing the Seasons of your Business to find your Flow

Earlier this year I was speaking to a business owner who was feeling anxious that she had not made any sales in the first part of the year. I reassured her that just because she might have a month where she does less business doesn’t mean that something is inherently broken in her business. It can just be the seasons…

Less is more of marketing

The “Less is More” of Marketing

Did you start your business because you wanted to make a difference but you never imagined it would be this hard to get your first few paying clients? Maybe you’ve been jumping from one thing to the next without giving anything a chance to get traction, and you can’t seem to settle on that “one thing” that works for you.…

Can I be "heart-centred" and still be successful?

Can I be Heart-Centred and still be successful?

“Heart-Centred” is a phrase that I use a lot when talking about my approach to business. I first heard it at a time when I was struggling to define who I was in business and who I was here to serve. When I came across it I instantly felt: “That’s it!  That’s me… and those are my clients!”. That little…

To Launch or not to Launch

Why I love launching ( …and could it be right for you?)

During the past month you’ll have noticed a lot more activity from me than is “normal” during the rest of the year – whether you joined the course or not, thanks for sticking with me! There were invitations free events: Fall in Love with Sales week, the Heart-Centred Sales Masterclass and Q&A sessions.  You may even have noticed me popping…