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overcoming fear and resistance to your goals

Overcoming fear & resistance to your vision and goals for 2023

How are you getting on with working towards the vision you created for your business for 2023? Do you feel you are making great progress? If so, Yay! Have a high-five from me! Or maybe you have that “Oh no, it’s already February!” feeling and you are wondering where the last few weeks have got to. If that’s you, it’s…

My Money Story

My Personal Money Story

This week while I’m “talking money stuff” and sharing Ann Wilson’s Financial Freedom Workshop series it feels like the perfect time to reshare this video about my personal Money Story again – it was originally recorded several years ago, but it is still an accurate summary of my money journey to that point. **NOTE:   This was recorded several years ago…

What 8 years in business has taught me

What 13 years in Business has Taught Me

It was October 2010. I’d recently qualified as an NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapist and coach  (I already had a Postgrad Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and my Yoga Teacher Training certification under my belt).  Always one to do things “properly”, I’d registered my business as a sole trader and set up a business bank account – after all I needed somewhere to…

business models

Choosing the Right Business Model

Have you been going about your business the hard way? The answer is yes if you’re trying to implement every marketing strategy you come across and be on every social media platform there is. The answer is also yes if you’ve been signing up for a ton of online courses without understanding which one is right for you and trying…

Selling from the heart Event

How to know what Marketing will work for YOU?

In a previous blog post I got up on one of my favourite soapboxes to talk about the dangers for an early-stage business of jumping on the online bandwagon too early.  If you missed it you can read it here. Despite that soapbox moment, I’m actually crazy about online business and online marketing — with it’s potential to reach many…

How do you know when it’s time to go online?

How to know when it’s time to go Online

Something that I find myself discussing quite a lot within my Business from the Heart Membership is that it’s so easy these days to fall into the belief that an online business is the holy grail of a truly successful business. What I see is that too many small business owners jump on the online bandwagon way too early and…

Should you fire difficult client

Should you “fire” that difficult client?

One of the things you get better at as your sales process improves is learning how to sign up only your most ideal clients – the ones who you most love working with, and with whom you get the best results. In the early days you can just feel grateful that anyone is willing to pay you! But as time…


How I Found my “Thing” (aka Purpose)

A few years ago I felt inspired to create a series of blog posts and videos about my first few years in business, partly to show that slow and uncertain starts are more the norm than the exception, and to show that things are often very different behind the scenes to how they look from the outside. This particular post…


Do I really need to niche if I want clients?

It was only last month that I opened the doors to the Business from the Heart Membership and invited new “Hearties” into the fold.   So right now I’m in that phase of getting to know our new members, and helping them with their questions – and confusions! One of the questions that comes up time and time again goes something like…

Avoid the hustle

Hate the Hustle? Here’s how to get out of it…

There’s something that I talk about a lot with my mentoring clients and I’ve been meaning to write about it for some time… What I’m about to talk about is the eternal challenge of balancing this  “Triad” of business essentials: – The need to bring in immediate income – Building towards a “hustle-free” future – Delivering on promises to existing…

create a business you love

The Four Elements to Creating a Business you Love

How would it feel to own a business you actually LOVE to run, as opposed to a business you create around something you love, but then end up surprised to find you don’t enjoy it as much as you thought you would? Well, there are 4 essential elements to think about that you also need to enjoy for this to…

How I Grew My Business

How I Grew My Business

I created this video a number of years ago just as I was celebrating my 6th year in business (I recently celebrated my 10th!).  However while it was recorded a few years ago, everything I say is as relevant today as it was then. In it I talk about some of the key milestones I passed during my first two…