Why I break for Christmas (and think you should too)

Why I break for Christmas (and think you should too)

At the time you’re reading this, it’s the last working week before Christmas here at Selling from the Heart HQ.

From 15th December we close the office for the Christmas period, until Tuesday 2nd January.  We’ll be putting the “out of office” on the inbox and the phone service, and going off to have some genuine down time to rest up and recharge our batteries, ready to do our best work in the year ahead.

(However we do maintain daily email inbox cover purely to support members of my membership who might be working on their business over the holiday period – for everyone else we are “closed”!).

Taking Christmas “fully off” is something that I’ve done for many years now, and it’s become a really important part of my business cycle. So I thought I’d do a video to talk about why I do it.  It could be that it needs to be an important part of your business cycle too.

Watch the video below or scroll down to read more.

**This video was recorded several years ago – but everything I say in it is just as relevant today

And I don’t just close the office — I take a proper break. I typically like to take 2 weeks off, and then I use the third week to do my planning for the year ahead, rather than getting fully stuck into “business as usual”.

My ideal is to go abroad for a spot of winter sun (and also because it’s easier to switch off completely when I’m thousands of miles from my home office!!!).  In the past I often stayed away right through the Christmas period, but this year, like last, I’m off to Morocco for a week of deep relaxation and sunshine, then I’ll be spending the rest of the festive period with family, pottering quietly at home and going for lovely walks.

Oh, and my birthday falls in between Christmas and New Year too, so that will need celebrating too!

Here’s why I take a proper break:

1.   The most important reason of all…  self-care

I put a lot of myself into running my business and serving my clients, and for every occasion that you see me doing something “outwards facing” whether creating a video or blog like this, hosting a mentoring call, or running a launch to enrol new members in my programmes, I’ve got an equal amount of work to do behind the scenes keeping the “back end” of things running.

But the thing is, we don’t serve our clients by working flat out to support them all the time.

We also serve our clients by being well rested and being at our very best.

In my case, most of what I do in my business comes under the heading of mentoring and teaching. In other words, using my brain — so my entire business depends on me not being so frazzled and exhausted that I can’t string a sentence together, give a client feedback on a complex sales process, or tap into my intuition to get a sense of the best next step for someone.

So regular extended periods of genuine down-time are essential to my work (you could even say an essential part of my work).

And Christmas is the one time of year when it’s really easy for me to down tools and switch off completely. It’s also generally considered acceptable to close the office during this period which isn’t so easy to do at other times of year.

Woman sitting in the couch with feet on the table - wearing Christmas socks

2. My team need a break too

I have five wonderful people who support me in my business. Because I run launches there are several super intense and busy periods throughout the year. And because I’m a Star Profile in Wealth Dynamics, I do often ask them for things at unreasonably short notice (though I’m infinitely better at this than I used to be!!).

So because at times I do ask a lot of them, they also need a time each year where they can catch their breath and recharge their batteries. They don’t all take the full 3 weeks off (it’s very much up to them when they take their holidays) but I certainly encourage them to, and my closing the office makes it that bit easier for them to down tools completely and take a decent break.

3. We can all switch off completely

We do of course, all take breaks and holidays at other times of the year, and I typically like to take a 2 week break in the summer too.   But the reality it’s not “quite” so easy to switch off completely at other times of the year and I think it’s rare that I don’t end up having do at least some work related tasks while on holiday – for example last year I actually cut my trip short by 2 days as I was offered a “too good to miss” opportunity to do an online presentation to 1200 people, and spent the last day of the holiday in my campervan on a campsite pulling the presentation together!   It’s just all so easy to have a sneaky check at the inbox, pop into the Facebook Group, or just do a couple of things here and there, when the rest of the world isn’t on holiday too.

4.  Our clients are mostly away

This might not be the case for your business, but in my business most of my clients are also away at this time of year. From about mid-December our Facebook groups get very quiet and customer emails are few and far between. So if we kept things fully manned (or womanned in our case) there wouldn’t be a huge amount to do anyway, so it makes sense to grab the quiet time and use it to switch off.

But it wasn’t always like this

I’m not going to pretend I’m some sort of a Christmas holiday saint. This long break over Christmas is something that I’ve come to see as absolutely essential for me to rest up fully and recharge my batteries ready for the year ahead. But it wasn’t like this in the early days! There were definitely several years in the earlier days of my business where I “officially” closed the office then stayed home alone over Christmas and hunkered down to work on my business without interruption.

But I can see now that that didn’t serve me. It felt good at the time to get on top of things and get a head start on the year, but the result of not having a proper break meant that by spring I was already running on empty. I now find that I come back so refreshed after a long Christmas break that it keeps me going right up until I take another long break in the summer. It really is best for me, best for my clients and best for my business.

What about you?

Will you be taking a decent — and well deserved —  break over Christmas? Or just the statutory holidays? If it’s the latter, I’d love encourage you to consider taking at least 1 full weeks complete break from work. Especially if you are the sort of person who never quite switches off. You will be amazed at just how rested and clear thinking you will be when you return.

So the message today: Take a lovely long break over Christmas. Don’t feel guilty because it’s actually the best thing you could do for your clients. Spend time with friends, family and loved ones, sleep in until 11am, take long walks, watch movies and read fiction books, or hop on a flight to somewhere warmer. (Just one thing to watch out for though: try not to overindulge too much on unhealthy food and drink or you could come back feeling like you haven’t had a break because your body is struggling to process it all!). Instead fully absorb yourself in nurturing and taking care of yourself in ways that are genuinely good for you.

Trust me — your business — and most of all your clients — will thank you for it!

I’ll be back to business in the New Year but in the meantime, I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year.

What will you be doing over Christmas?  Working to get a head start on 2024, going away for a holiday, or switching off from business to spend time with loved ones, or taking some quiet nurturing alone time for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

With love,

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  1. Tony Callaghan on December 11, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    Hi Catherine
    It makes total sense to get away from the busy dynamics of running and building a business.
    For my part I’m taking care of family and reflecting on what has been a very difficult and challenging year. I’m wanting to build up my business again in the new year. I hate marketing and have become very disillusioned with it and I know I need to change that. along with my ‘funny about money’ belief.
    Have a great Xmas and a happy new year

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