Taking Time to Celebrate 2012

Taking Time to Celebrate 2012

I recently sent out my first ever email broadcast to my community of heart-centred business owners – people who had attended my workshop or online programme, or who had signed up to my free video e-course “The 7 Steps to Yes”.

Because it had been such a busy year for me putting the foundations under my new business, I was pondering how to re-engage with an audience, many of whom hadn’t heard from me in many months.  And then this list of questions came in from one of my mentors.   So it inspired me to answer them here so that I could give people a feel for what I’d been up to.

Maybe you would also like to grab a cuppa and spend 5 minutes answering them for yourself.  It can be so easy to make great progress but not recognise it.  So lets take a moment and celebrate our 2012 before we move fully into 2013 (and yes, it’s perfectly OK to do that in mid-January – there are no rules here!).

I’ve answered purely in relation to my business – but you might want to celebrate successes in your personal life too!


What were my biggest achievements in 2012?

I took my 1 day workshop online and created an 8 week programme called “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” and had 20 lovely people join the pilot.

Most of the course attendees recouped their investment in the training during the course itself through extra sales – one even made an extra £12,000 as a result.  That had me bursting with pride!

What were my magic moments in 2012?

At my first public talk to promote my “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” programme one third of the audience put their faith in me and joined.

I had the honour of hosting one of my most admired mentors, Dr Joanna Martin, at my London based networking group, Business from the Heart (http://www.meetup.com/business-from-the-heart).

Finding my “Website Angel” Nicola Wise-Sturt (www.mrswisesturt.com).  Everything changed for me and started to flow when I finally had a website that fully reflected who I am.

What were my biggest disappointments?

I had to let go of a business name and concept that I’d set my heart on when someone else launched with the same name.

But this disappointment turned out to be the greatest blessing as it caused me to narrow my focus to what I do best and “Selling from the Heart” was born!

What lessons did I learn?

That imperfect action is better than perfect inaction – if I’d waited until it was perfect my “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” Programme would never have seen the light of day and the course participants would have missed out getting new clients as a result of what I taught.

That whenever I step up and take action despite my fears the fear turns into excitement and enjoyment – and I’ve kept growing as a person.

What are my top 3 business goals for 2013

To launch my “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” Programme to a wider market of heart-centred service-oriented business owners – across the globe!

To develop an ongoing mentoring programme so that I can continue to serve those who want wider support with their businesses beyond the 8 week course.

To keep in touch better with my community – that means you guys! – and email more regularly with useful tips and information to help you get more clients.

Why am I absolutely 100% committed to achieving these top 3 goals?

Because I believe that running our own business is the greatest journey of personal and spiritual growth that there is, and I want as many other people as possible to succeed on that journey with me.

Because Sales is my “gift” and I want to share it with as many people as possible, so that you too can make the difference that you know you are here to make.

I hope you’ve also taken a few minutes out of your day to answer these questions too.   Now that we’ve reflected on just how far we’ve come in 2012 it’s ready to turn our attention to making 2013 the best year yet for our lives and businesses!


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