Client in the Spotlight: Lynn Hord

Client in the Spotlight: Lynn Hord

Today I’m talking to Lynn Hord:  Lynn is a bit special because, having started out as a client (first on the “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” course, and then in the “Business from the Heart Mentoring Programme”), this year Lynn has graduated to become one of a small team of outstanding Coaches who work alongside me to support my mentoring clients on their 12 month journey of business growth.  So we are lucky enough to get a regular “joy injection” around here too.

Lynn Hord – The Joy Coach

Lynn Hord

Tell us about you and your business

I’m the Joy Coach, or as many people call me, the Joy Lady (and some people just call me Joy!)  As you probably guessed, I deal in Joy.  In other words I help people who have all the outer trappings of a ‘good’ life (the job or business, the car, the partner, the holidays, the handbags!) but who aren’t happy and don’t know why, to plug back into their inner joy, rediscover what makes them feel alive and get that inner spark fired up again so they feel like they’re really living, not just existing.

Tell us why you do what you do

When I was younger I was a very seerriioouuussss person. That’s the word that would pop to mind if you asked my friends to describe me. I was very conscientious and hard working, but anxious and stressed all the time. I didn’t really know how to have fun and there was very little joy in my life. BUT I just knew there had to be a better way to live, and thank heavens, after years of trialling different tools and techniques, I did indeed find this better way.  And now I can genuinely say I live a juicy, joyful life (most of the time – I’m human too!)

Since then it’s become my focus and my mission to help people learn how to tap into their inner joy – because it ‘s something you can learn, to help them release the blocks that get in the way of the flow of joy – lots of people aren’t even aware they’re blocking their own joy – and have loads of fun while they’re at it.

What’s been the biggest success in your business in the past year?

It’s been a big year for me so I’m grateful there have been lots of wins, starting with the launch of my free 21-Day Joy Challenge last year. I had such an incredible response from the people who did it.  One lady messaged me to say she had felt joy again for the first time in forever and it brought her to tears because she thought it had gone forever – amazing stuff!

Another proud moment was launching Joy School, my six-week, group online programme. I’ve taken everything I know, everything that has worked for me and my clients, and wrapped it up in this 6-week container so that I can take people on a journey to discover and reconnect with their own joy, and learn how to bring it into their every day and keep it there for the rest of their lives. I had such fun running it and can’t wait to do it again in June this year.

I also started running workshops for female entrepreneurs (thanks to a few nudges from the ever-supportive Catherine). The Joy of Business workshops were really well received and gave me great confidence to adapt my signature Joy Infusion process to a specific niche.

How have sales conversations supported this success?

Catherine’s Selling from the Heart process has helped me get comfortable with the fact that sales conversations are like a journey and that it’s a gift to be able to help people get clarity on their situation, help them awaken to what’s possible for them and get in touch with the feeling of what their life could be like. People get so much out of the calls whether we decide to work together or not, and it’s a beautiful process.

I love the structure and one of the big lessons for me was to make sure you actually ask the question “would you like to work with me?”. I never used to and guess what – I didn’t have many clients!

I’ve also learnt a lot from Catherine about never letting an opportunity go to waste, so these days, no matter what I’m doing, whether it’s a free challenge or webinar or a talk, I’ll always be strategic and consider how I can bring these people into my community so that they can get to know me and one day be ready to get on the phone for a powerful sales call.

What three tips would you give other business owners struggling with their sales conversations?

  1. Relax, let go of the need for them to become clients and focus on giving great value. This has really worked for me as I trust that even if they don’t come aboard right now, they will come back when they’re ready or become amazing connectors for me and send other people my way. And the bonus with this approach is I can just be in the moment and have fun doing my thing!
  1. Be prepared. Know what you’re going to offer, what your package or service looks like, what it costs, what’s included and if you’re going to entice them with any bonuses or special incentives. I didn’t have this clear in my head when I first started using Catherine’s process so I didn’t sound confident talking about what was offering.
  1. Practice and practice some more. If you’ve got a stream of potential clients lining up to talk with you, awesome! If not, get your aunty on the phone, talk to your best friend, practice with your partner, reach out to people in the Selling from the Heart community. It’s what I did and it really cemented the process and got me feeling comfortable with it all.

How can people do more work with you?

If you want to join me for the ultimate joy ride, aka Joy School, which starts again on 1st June, then you can find out more about it here  Click here to read about Joy School.   And if you’re interested in joining in, I’m offering a super special offer for members of Catherine’s community – all you need to do is drop me a line at and you will also get the following 3 extra bonuses

  1. A specially-created “Expanding Joy” meditation (so crucial for being able to hold and receive more and more joy)
  2. Access to the “Beautiful Boundaries Challenge” videos, which take you through a step-by-step process for creating and upholding healthy, loving boundaries.
  3. And a 50min 1-2-1 Joy Infusion coaching session with me (normal price £150). Practical, intuitive advice for your specific situation on how to shake up your approach and call in more joy.

And if you don’t feel quite ready for the full Joy Ride you can learn some of my simple techniques for lasting joy by signing up for my free 5-day e-course “The 5 Secrets to Living a Wildly Joyful Life”.

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