Client in the Spotlight: Linda Anderson

Client in the Spotlight: Linda Anderson

I introduced a new series called Client in the Spotlight last month and I’ve been delighted with the positive feedback from you all – it’s gone down a storm.  I’m so glad that I’m able to showcase the real “stars of the show” – my clients who are making a success of their heart-centred businesses.

So I’m really delighted to introduce you to our third Client in the Spotlight:

Linda Anderson – Tap Into Your Success

Linda Anderson

Over to you Linda…

Please tell us a little bit about you and your business

I work with heart-centred business owners who really want to take their business to the next level but are struggling to find the confidence to take the bold actions that will get them there.

Instead they find themselves procrastinating and doing battle with the critical Little Voices in their heads that say things like:

  • Who do you think you are?
  • You don’t know enough
  • You’re not ready yet
  • Nobody will pay that much
  • You’re such a fraud, etc

I teach them how to use EFT/Tapping to get over their fears and self-doubts, and fall in love with marketing and sales.

As a result they feel totally confident asking clients to work with them, are comfortable stating their (higher) prices, and can actually create a thriving business doing what they love.

Tell us why you do what you do 

I love seeing the transformation in people’s lives when we’ve worked together and they finally get comfortable talking about what they do and asking to be paid for it.

It drives me crazy to see so many gifted and talented people allowing self-doubt and a fear of marketing and sales to hold them back and keep them playing small – and sometimes settling for less by getting a job (or staying in one) just to pay the bills.

It’s such a tragedy because as long as their true gifts are sidelined as a hobby, they will never feel truly fulfilled, and those people who need what they have to offer will not get the help they need – or at least not from them!

I’ve been through the same challenges myself and spent time doing a job I hated until I found a way to transform my own fears and self-doubts, and attract the clients and the income I need.

I also believe the road to successful self-employment is a path to personal and spiritual growth. So I’m not only helping my clients take their businesses to the next level, but also to grow themselves and get maximum benefit from any business coaching they’ve invested in.

I pinch myself every day and feel grateful to be doing this work and making the difference I want to make.

What’s been your biggest success in your business in the last year?

Linda Anderson Nov. 2013 58Walking my own talk (with the help of Catherine’s Business Mentoring Programme) by creating and delivering my new 6-month Big Leap to Success programme, designed to release the hidden blocks that cause procrastination and self-sabotage, so my clients can take that quantum leap up in their business.

The first client to complete the programme said that her money mindset shifted to a completely different plane and she went from charging $1,000 and feeling like she had to apologise, to comfortably charging 5 times that AND filling her practice.

The benefits for me personally, aside from the thrill of seeing clients make such huge changes, are that I’m attracting a consistent flow of the most amazing clients who are really committed to doing the work and getting great results.

Plus, I’m now able to limit the number of people I work with and serve them at an even deeper level, secure in the knowledge that I’m easily generating the income I need without burning out.

How have sales conversations supported this success? 

When I first started out I absolutely dreaded sales conversations – I would much rather have had people just turn up and ask to work with me, but of course that’s not how success happens!

Catherine’s Get More Clients Saying Yes programme taught me how to lead a sales conversation in a structured way that’s totally in alignment with my values and in no way feels pushy or manipulative.

I am able to communicate clearly the value of my services and create a safe space for the potential client to step into working with me, if we’re a good fit and it’s the right time for them.

Now I LOVE sales conversations.

What three tips would you give other business owners struggling with their sales?

  1. If you’re still seeing sales as pushy and manipulative, be open to having a mindset shift that allows you to see the sales conversation as an important part of your service. Until you do this, your prospective clients will pick up on the lack of confidence and congruence in the energy behind your words and will not feel safe investing with you.
  2. Learn the art of leading a heart-centred sales conversation in a structured, non-pushy way that’s comfortable for both parties and allows your ideal clients to just know that they need (and want) to work with you, no convincing or manipulating required.
  3. Get the support you need to work on your own hidden blocks, self-doubts and fears, so that you can feel every bit as confident in sales conversations as you do in sessions with clients. Your conversion rates will sky-rocket as a result and your ideal clients will no longer miss out on getting the help they need from you.

How can people do more work with you?

Find out what is blocking the flow of money and success in your life by doing my free quiz: Discover Your Blocks to Money & Success.

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  1. Helen Rebello on August 9, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Another vote for the very sparkly and lovely soul Linda here too. Linda really helped my confidence around money and self-worth, and in the process, helped my confidence and self-belief grow so much that I transcended a lifelong fear of speaking. As a highly sensitive introvert, this has liberated my life in so many ways. Thank you Catherine for helping Linda so that she could help me… which means I can better help others… and so it goes on 🙂

  2. Sara Stafford-Williams on October 16, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Love Linda and love her work. It made a difference to me in a way I didn’t even expect!


    P.S. Love that you are showcasing your clients in this way Catherine 🙂

    • Linda Anderson on November 13, 2015 at 12:00 pm

      Woohoo, that’s great – thanks so much for sharing, Sara.

      It was fun working with you and I’m glad to hear that it made a difference for you.

      Keep on tapping 😉

  3. Jutta Nedden on October 15, 2015 at 10:10 am

    Dear Linda and Catherine, wow, what a great story. Linda I am delighted to read about your success. The world needs your work so much. You have such a lovely aura of stillness, calm and balance. You definitely walk your talk. Congratulations and hugs!

    • Linda Anderson on November 13, 2015 at 11:57 am

      Aah, lovely to see you here Jutta, and thank you so much for your kind words.

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