Client in the Spotlight – Aly Harrold

Client in the Spotlight – Aly Harrold

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce my first Client in the Spotlight for 2016. Being able to introduce you to my clients and their thriving heart-centred businesses is such an honour for me and I hope you find their journeys and insights helpful.

Today I’m talking to Aly Harold:

Aly Harrold – Coaching for Public Speaking

Aly Harrold

Please introduce yourself and your business

I help women who are terrified, tongue tied and traumatized by the idea of public speaking as they fear being ridiculed or rejected.  As a public speaking coach it’s my passion to help women step on stage and share their message with confidence, conviction and charisma. I help my clients realise that public speaking is a skill –  a skill that can be learned with the right help.

Tell us why you do what you do

I was a singer for many years and understand how powerful an instrument our voice is. About 10 years ago I went through a particularly difficult time in my life and one night found myself on stage terrified and at a loss for words – that had never happened to me before and it was a nightmare.

To help regain my own confidence I joined a speaking club and went from strength to strength.   I am now the current President of West Kent Speakers Club (part of the Association Of Speakers Clubs) and in 2014 I was awarded Kent Speaker Of The Year, South East Speaker Of The Year and I also achieved 3rd Place National Speaker Of The Year.

I love to speak in public to inspire and motivate my audience. It is hugely exciting and a very empowering skill.  I truly desire as many talented, entrepreneurial, big hearted women as possible to have this same ability.

However, when I went to networking events I realised that so many women I met simply didn’t know how to deliver their “elevator pitch” let alone speak in public and I knew I could help them.

My background as a professional singer enables me to offer so much more to my clients than just the “how to project your voice/use your hands to express yourself” type of training that is usually on offer to them. I know I can help them in a unique way.

As women, we owe it to each other to be the biggest sparkliest version of ourselves we can be and public speaking is a way to share that energy and our gifts with the world.  It creates a continuum of confidence and the skills I possess to help someone embody this power, and speak from the heart, is a gift I hugely value.  I am so excited to witness the transformation that takes place for someone when they move from being tongue tied and nervous to being able to express themselves with authenticity and passion.

The Dalia Lama says “The world will be saved by the Western Woman”.  I think he is referring to the ‘collective Western Woman’. Our voices need to be heard and our messages shared. We need to be out there shouting our message with love and enthusiasm from the roof tops!

What’s been your biggest success in your business in the last year?

I am proud to say there have been many successes in the last year, especially considering that when I started working with Catherine just  over a year ago I was running a raw chocolate business and dabbling as a speaker coach.  I knew I enjoyed it but I wasn’t sure that I could really make a business out of it.

Catherine encouraged me to follow my passion and explore the speaker coaching route and it amazes me how quickly my business has developed.

One of the highlights of the year was when I was asked to coach speakers for TEDx Youth Croydon. I worked with two speakers who had never spoken in public before and supported them so they could deliver their talk, under bright lights, on a red carpet with the TEDx logo behind them, to a live audience and being filmed whilst doing it. It was humbling and awe-inspiring to witness.

I have also established my individual VIP client work. I have worked with clients with a wide variety of issues relating to public speaking.   This included helping two clients who who had a vocal problem (one from having had nodules removed and one after having tongue cancer) to change and improve the sound of their speaking voice and gain confidence in delivering an effective message.  This was hugely rewarding.

The rewards of being in business are more than just financial, –  I also feel totally validated as a speaking coach which feels amazing.

How have sales conversations supported this success?

My sales conversations have been a learning curve, but adopting Catherine’s strategy guarantees good results. I always remember what she says about having your main aim to be to establish whether you are the right fit for this client. With that in mind the conversation is easy because I totally let go of “needing” the business from a client into “wanting the best” for the potential client and exploring what their needs are and if I can truly help them reach their goals.

I find when I meet clients out networking and then arrange a Skype call the success rate is high. I have been surprised at my success with the sales conversations since adopting Catherine’s techniques, they’re almost effortless.

The sales conversation is also about awakening within the client a desire to improve or change something to increase their success. So often a client may not appreciate the areas in which I can help.  For example, a client last year didn’t recognise how vital her own personal story was to her presentation. In the end we worked on two levels, crafting her personal story as well as the general delivery and style.

What three tips would you give other business owners struggling with their sales conversations?

  1. Release the outcome of needing/wanting this client at any cost. The best clients are the ones where the relationship works well both ways.
  1. The sales conversation should be light and fun. Let the person know that whatever the outcome from the call, you are both just exploring the idea of working together. It takes the pressure off them and allows them to know they are not being pushed to buy your services.
  1. Have a lot of sales conversations.  The more you have the easier it becomes and you are more likely to convert some of those into clients. You have to be out there actually doing it, to have a chance of attracting clients to you.

How can people do more work with you?

For any nervous or reluctant speaker, I have a FREE eBook available:
Five Tips to Fearless Public Speaking”.

Get in touch with Aly:


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Aly’s Awards:

  • Current President of West Kent Speakers Club (part of the Association Of Speakers Clubs)
  • Kent Speaker Of The Year 2014
  • South East Speaker Of The Year 2014
  • 3rd Place National Speaker  Of The Year 2014

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