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How to set prices for your services

How to Set the Right Price for your Services

I haven’t talked about pricing for a while but I know that this is an issue for many heart-centred business owners. I get asked a lot “What should I be charging?”  or “What is the “right price” for my products and services?”. Well here’s the gnarly thing about pricing – it isn’t an exact science.  There actually is no such…

Fall in love with sales

How to Fall in Love with Sales

If you are like most of the heart-centred business owners that I know you probably shy away from situations that involve “selling” your services. I know this sounds kind of crazy because of course you do want clients! But it’s actually really common – you’re in business because you want to make a difference to others, or because you are…

Closing Sale

Why “Closing the Sale” doesn’t work for a Heart-Centred Business

A few years ago I ran a poll as part of a webinar I was running on “heart-centred sales”. To my surprise over half of the respondents answered that their biggest sales challenge was “Closing the Sale”. This response was not what I expected, and for me it marked one of those big “Aha!” moments that helped me understand my…


Sales as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

A conversation between Marianne Cantwell and Catherine Watkin Do you consider yourself a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), introvert or empath? Do you ever feel that sales is just not “for you” because you feel you can’t be as bullish and outgoing as you need to be successful? If so then you are going to love this “chat” that my great…

Why selling by the session hurts everybody

Why selling by the session hurts everyone

Today I want to talk to you about why selling your services by the session or by the hour is not only hurting your business, but it’s also hurting your clients. I’ve had two recent personal experiences that have really highlighted this for me and have inspired me to record this video for you. Watch the video or scroll down…


Why Timing is Everything!

Today I want to talk to you about timing in your sales conversation and why getting it wrong can cost you the sale – even if the client actually wants and needs what you have to offer. The video today was inspired by a sales conversation I had earlier in the year where I was the potential customer. I’d been to…

Should you fire difficult client

Should you “fire” your difficult client?

One of the things you get better at as your sales process improves is learning how to sign up only your most ideal clients – the ones who you most love working with, and with whom you get the best results.   You get better at screening out those clients who are going to become a negative drain on your energy…


How to take a (proper) Holiday

Last week I got back from my summer holiday – 2 weeks camping in Cornwall and Shropshire and then few days with my family in Snowdonia.    Over the years I’ve learned that taking a “proper” holiday (as opposed to a “working” holiday – I love to take those too) twice each  year is absolutely essential for giving me the clarity…