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4 Steps to creating 12 months of content

How to create 12 months of Content

For many in my community,  January is a month of planning and putting things in place to make the rest of the year run more smoothly.  So it seems like the perfect opportunity to add in some strategic planning for one of the areas of business that it is easy to overlook or that gets squeezed out in all the…

My Money Story

My Personal Money Story

This week while I’m “talking money stuff” and sharing Ann Wilson’s Financial Freedom Workshop series it feels like the perfect time to share this video about my personal Money Story again – it was originally recorded several years ago, but it is still an accurate summary of my money journey to that point. **NOTE:   This was recorded several years ago…

Vision & planning process 2023

My Vision and Planning Process for 2023

If you’re reading this blog during the week it’s been published, it’s quite likely you’re still in holiday mode. Maybe you’re all cozy and warm in front of a fireplace somewhere with your family or friends. Or maybe you’re off on a warm, beach holiday. Maybe you’re spending some time working on your house and having a stay-cation. Whatever you’re…


Why I break for Christmas (and think you should too)

By the time you’re reading this, it’ll be the last working week before Christmas here at Selling from the Heart HQ. From 16th December we close the office for the whole of the Christmas period, until Monday 3rd January. We’ll be putting the “out of office” on the inbox and the phone service, and going off to have some genuine…

seasons of business

Embracing the Seasons of your Business to find your Flow

Earlier this year I was speaking to a business owner who was feeling anxious that she had not made any sales in the first part of the year. I reassured her that just because she might have a month where she does less business doesn’t mean that something is inherently broken in her business. It can just be the seasons…

business models

Choosing the Right Business Model

Have you been going about your business the hard way? The answer is yes if you’re trying to implement every marketing strategy you come across and be on every social media platform there is. The answer is also yes if you’ve been signing up for a ton of online courses without understanding which one is right for you and trying…

Selling from the heart Event

How to know what Marketing will work for YOU?

Last week I got up on one of my favourite soapboxes to talk about online marketing and the dangers for an early-stage business of jumping on the online bandwagon too early. If you missed it you can read it here. As you probably know, I’m actually crazy about online business and online marketing — with it’s potential to reach many…

What 8 years in business has taught me

What 12 Years in Business Has Taught Me

It was October 2010. I’d recently qualified as an NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapist and coach. And always one to do things “properly”, I’d registered my business as a sole trader and set up a business bank account – after all I needed somewhere to pay in that £60 I got from my first ever paying client! Incredibly, that was 12 years…