[Podcast] Heart-Led Sales – A paradigm for people who don’t like to sell

[Podcast] Heart-Led Sales – A paradigm for people who don’t like to sell

Earlier this year I was a guest on Allyson Scammell’s podcast “Soul Guide Radio” and it was such a brilliant interview that I thought I’d share it with you too.   In fact, I joked at the end that she had somehow managed to get me to squeeze everything I know about sales into just 50 minutes of conversation!

The title of this episode, ‘A Paradigm for People who don’t like to Sell,’ is one that will resonate with many heart-centred business owners who feel uncomfortable with traditional sales techniques that feel disingenuous and inauthentic to them – and sadly it often results in them being held back in their businesses.

Listen to the interview with Allyson Scammell here

The missing question that cost him the sale

Unfortunately, many people have been at the receiving end of a manipulative, pushy, bullying, or shaming sales conversation that made them feel small and disempowered.

And it’s because of these experiences that many of the amazing heart-led business people that I work with lack confidence and end up with a knot in their stomach at the very mention of the word ‘sales!’ 

But obviously, there is a need to sell our services if we are to enjoy a thriving business.  If a chasm exists between that need and how we view sales, there needs to be a bridge to cross it so that we can bring the integrity of our hearts into the process, feel more confident and even enjoy the sales process.

This is what I talk about in the podcast 

  • The importance of the intention behind your sales approach.   When you adopt this your potential client will feel the integrity of that service even when you’re inviting them to buy from you.
  • Why traditional sales techniques, such as handling objections and closing are counterproductive for a heart-centred business – and what you can do instead to help them come to their own decision and get that strong “Internal Yes!”
  • What to focus on in yours sales conversation to help take the emphasis off “selling” so that it’s so much more comfortable for both of you.  
  • The perfect combination of proven sales processes AND an authentic non-attachment to outcomes.
  • The top 3 mistakes that I see happening in sales conversations that go wrong – and how you can learn from them.
  • The magical tweaks in language and tone that will help give your clients confidence that you can support them with their problem.
  • How you can add urgency and scarcity to your sales pitch in a heart-centred way – you don’t have to throw out what works to sell with integrity.

And if you listen to it all, right at the end I squeeze in a tip about a super subtle language shift that makes a huge difference in how your clients feel about buying from you!

See, I told you she got me to cover a lot!  I’m still not quite sure how she got me to talk about all of that in just 50 minutes of conversation!

Hope you enjoy the podcast – listen to it here

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