Overcoming fear & resistance to your vision and goals for 2023

Overcoming fear & resistance to your vision and goals for 2023

How are you getting on with working towards the vision you created for your business for 2023? Do you feel you are making progress with a consistent momentum? If so, Yay! Have a high-five from me!

But, maybe you are feeling more like I am….

I got to work at the beginning of this week with a sudden awareness that it is “Already January!” and with it the realisation that I did not make as much progress as I would like towards my core focus for last year.

And it’s possible you are feeling the same way…

If so, it’s worth taking a pause to reflect on why this might be. Sometimes we simply overcommit to other things and it doesn’t allow us enough time to focus on the most high-impact and high-priority tasks (I know this was a big contributing factor for me in 2022).

But very often, it’s more to do with what I call our “mind gremlins”. The inner resistance that can rise up to stop us in our tracks, even when we start out with a clear vision, excitement and good intentions.

That’s why I’m resharing this mindset video on Overcoming Hidden Resistance to your Vision and Goals to help you in 2023

Overcoming hidden resistance to your vision and goals for 2023

I definitely experience this for myself at times. I can be creating goals and intentions — yet at the same time I can also be feeling an inner resistance. I can feel the push-pull of inner conflict and it isn’t comfortable. Luckily I have access to the session I’m sharing with you today that helps me move past that resistance and get excited about the year to come!

In fact, because this sort of resistance is so common with members of my community, that we actually chose it as a topic for a Mindset Mentoring session inside the Business from the Heart membership.

A gift for you…

And while I don’t normally share member resources outside of the closed community I’ve decided to share this session as I know it could be of HUGE value to you right now — especially if you sense that you’re holding yourself back from achieving the vision you’ve set for yourself.

You’ll know this is for you if when you tune into your goals, a Little Voice in your head says: ‘That’s impossible’, or ‘It’ll never work for me’, or ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘I don’t know enough’, or ’I’m not ready yet‘.

Or, if you find yourself prioritising other things and saying to yourself: ’I’ll just check what’s happening on Facebook first’ or ‘I just need to sort out these email folders’.

Or if you just have a sinking feeling when it comes to taking action but you don’t understand why.

If so, it’s likely that it’s just the tip of the iceberg of some deeply hidden resistance that will lock you in battle with yourself, sap your energy and seriously hold you back.

(This is very different from a strong intuitive whisper that this just isn’t the right thing for you, or you are heading down the wrong path. But it’s not always easy to tell the difference — which is why working to uncover any unhelpful resistance is so valuable).

If this sounds like you, this session with Linda will help you dig into whatever might be holding you back, so you can clear it out, create more ease and flow, and get back into forward momentum with all parts of you in alignment with your dreams and goals for the year ahead.

Go ahead and block out some time in your calendar now to watch it! You’ll see just what you can achieve during the rest of the month without that pesky resistance getting in your way.

About Linda
Linda Anderson (aka “the lovely Linda”) is a Business Mindset Magician and EFT Tapping Coach who teaches heart-centred business owners how to overcome their self-doubts and often hidden fears around marketing and sales, so they attract more clients, make more money and an even bigger difference in the world doing what they love. She has been a “Mindset Magician” supporting clients within my mentoring programmes since 2015.  You can check her out here:

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Linda is just one of two fabulous Mindset Magicians who support our members within the Business from the Heart Membership with a monthly session designed to help you overcome any blocks, resistance, limiting beliefs or mental chatter that is holding you back from growing your thriving and rewarding heart-centred business.

If you know you would benefit from this sort of support for a low monthly fee and would like to be informed when the membership next opens for enrolment simply sign up to the notification list here — I know we would love to have you!

And do let me know what you took away from this session in the comments below — I always love to hear from you – and I know Linda would love to read it too!

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