How to build a business you’ll stay in love with

How to build a business you’ll stay in love with

Five years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Australia and on my last day in Perth, I was interviewed on local radio RTR FM 92.1. It was supposed to be an interview about authentic sales but we got sidetracked onto a favourite topic of mine and ended up doing an impromtpu session on:

How to build a business you’ll stay in love with

You can listen to the interview here
*It’s just 15 minutes so perfect for a short break from the routine.

I’m sharing it with you because although I gave this interview a whole 5 years ago, it’s so relevant and I think you’ll love it – in the interview, I talk about some things that you don’t hear discussed very often.

You’ll find it particularly relevant if you created a business based on something you love but are surprised to find you are not enjoying it as much as you expected.

OR, if you are just starting out and want to make sure you create a business you can love right from the start…

Catherine enjoying her radio appearance in Perth

Some of the things I talk about during this 15-minute interview include:

  • How it was that I built a very successful business doing what I love – but still didn’t feel right for me.
  • The essentials to get clear about upfront if you want to actually love running the business as much as you love the “thing” you do.
  • The one thing that has to feel in flow, if you are going to feel excited about what you need to do to attract new clients each day.
  • What to look for in a coach or mentor if you want to create the business that works perfectly for YOU (not just something that worked for someone else but doesn’t light you up).

Click here to listen to the interview

(Note:  When I listened to it I found the pause function a tiny bit temperamental – so I’d recommend listening to it all in one go to avoid needing to start again.)

I’d love to know how much you enjoy it – please let me know in the comments below!

And if you want to transform the way you think about selling this amazing business that you love…..

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Of course, it’s great to have a business that you love and stay in love with, but it’s not passion alone that brings clients your way.  If you want to follow a step by step sales process that is heart-centred and authentic like you are, sign up for my free video training:

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  1. Virginie on March 22, 2022 at 4:04 pm

    You’re such an inspiration Catherine ! I am learning a lot about business these days but your approach is so unique…I have to find my own answers.

  2. Natalia Vaduva on March 22, 2022 at 2:54 pm

    Catherine Watkin, i must say that i am in the process of making lots of decisions about my business. This morning i literally woke up wired for an online live seminar and then just had a short break in between before the next online seminar. And in that small break, i felt the need to be quiet and just connect to my heart to see what do i really want. As i said the decisions are about my business, and sometimes there is so much overwhelm, so many people shouting online what the best business model or marketing strategy is – just so confusing. But i took a moment to pray and ask for an answer about What is the right thing for me? What would i love every single day? And then .. somehow ..your message popped up with the podcast. Thank you. Loving it. You brought so much peace. It’s like you are a whisperer in a world that shouts. And that was just what i needed. A confirmation that it is ok to whisper in a world that shouts! Have an amazing day ❣️

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