“Happy People Sell”

“Happy People Sell”

I don’t watch a lot of TV (I haven’t owned one for 13 years) but every now and again I get completely captivated by something on catch-up TV.  And that’s what’s happened last week when I discovered The Call Centre on BBC (If like me you missed it first time around, it’s going to be re-run from this Sunday and it’s well worth a watch, especially the first episode).

It’s a documentary about a call centre in Swansea, it’s maverick owner Nev Wilshire, his motto “Happy People Sell” and the unconventional lengths he goes  to to keep his sales force happy and motivated while spending their days cold calling, being sworn at and hung up on.

Now this is real ‘boiler room’ sales stuff – cold calling people in their homes to sell them stuff they’ve probably never thought they needed – like new boilers and PPI refunds.   So it’s nothing like the sort of sales that you do when you sell your change services using a heart-centred approach.

But Nev’s motto “Happy People Sell” is spot on.

happy people

Yesterday someone I know – a gifted coach with a heart about as big as you can find and whose work changes lives – shared that just lately none of her sales conversations have been resulting in her clients saying “Yes!” and how for her that has triggered a whole lot of stuff around rejection and being unloveable – in other words, the more “No’s” she gets, the more unhappy she becomes.

And unsurprisingly this then reflects in her sales conversations.  The less happy she is the less clients say “Yes!” – a downward spiral.

So Nev is right.  If you are not happy, confident and in flow when you have your sales conversations chances are your potential client will pick up on that – whether through your tone of voice, your body language or the energy you are creating.  Your unhappiness and lack of ‘spark’ for life will come through loud and clear.    And when you are in flow, fully connected with the value of what you offer and the difference you can make and are confident of your ability to deliver on what you promise the clients say “Yes please!” and it feels almost effortless..

So what can you do on those days when you are down in the dumps, worried about money, fearful of rejection, or had an argument with your partner that morning?

  1. First of all, try not to enter a sales conversation if you know you are in an unhappy place and doubting yourself and your ability to serve.
  2. Find a strategy that works for you that you know picks you up.  This might be meditating and connecting to source and the bigger picture of why you do what you do.  It might be calling a friend for a 5 minute chat – one who lifts your spirits and always leaves you feeling good.   Or reading your testimonials and case studies from previous clients to remind yourself of the value of the amazing work that you do.
  3. If your sales conversations are over the phone stand up while you have them – this lifts your energy, expands your breathing and lifts your tone of voice.
  4. Smile!  Notice how your voice sounds different when you smile.  Your tone of voice becomes deeper, warmer and more relaxed.    Smiling can also help make you feel happier!
  5. Review your sales structure.  When you are feeling down it’s easy to get lazy about your sales conversations and let them slip back into a chatty conversation that are led by the client.  It’s your job to guide the client confidently to the right decision – you are letting them down if you don’t
  6. And if you are unhappy because of something going on in another area of your life, then don’t underestimate the impact that will be having on your sales conversations.  Is there something you could do today to resolve an issue that’s troubling you?  Then give yourself an afternoon or a day off and go and do something about it – whether that’s a conversation that needs to be had, an “I’m sorry” gift, or maybe some sessions with a healer or therapist.  Get the support – your business and clients will thank you.

And of course the more sales conversations you have, the more clients will say a resounding “Yes please!” to working with you, the more lives and businesses you can change and the more likely you are to be happy in your work.  And you will be back on that upward spiral in no time!

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  1. Tina Sibley on July 16, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    I couldn’t agree more Catherine. I spotted this and watched one of the episodes and was really impressed with Nev and his whole attitude and approach. I used to live in South Wales and my last employed job was in a Call Centre as a trainer so I could really relate to it. I love the steps you’ve given here – time to ‘Get Happy’ and ‘Get Selling’. 🙂

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