GDPR, my Privacy Policy, and what I do with your data

GDPR, my Privacy Policy, and what I do with your data

This email was sent out to my email subscribers on 15th May 2018 to explain how I use their personal data:


If you’re a small business owner here in the EU then you’ll have been living under a rock recently if you are not aware of GDPR – the new EU Data Protection and Privacy law which is coming into effect soon.

As part of my compliance with these new regulations, I’m emailing you to share with you my new Privacy Policy which outlines how I use your data (it’s the law that I do this).

You can access my Privacy Policy here.

(OK that’s the legal bit out of the way – you can stop reading now if you wish…).

HOWEVER, while I’m here I thought I’d also do the following:

  1. Tell you in “plain English” what personal data of yours I hold and what I do with it
  2. To remind you of your right to object to receiving emails and marketing communications from me, and how you can opt-out should you choose to
  3. Let you know what you can expect to receive from me if you decide to stay in touch.

(This bit isn’t the law but GDPR seems like a good opportunity to be totally upfront about how I use your details so we are both clear and to help you decide if you want to stay subscribed).

So here goes…..

GDPR, my Privacy Policy, and what I do with your data

How I got your data (and how I didn’t get it)

You receive regular emails from me because at some point in the past 6 years you signed up on a page on my website to receive a free resource or training from me. This will have been my 7 Steps to Yes video training, my Authentic Sales Style Quiz, a free online training webinar, workshop or masterclass, or a free expert interview series. You may also have signed up if you saw me give a talk at a live event. And you have not opted-out or unsubscribed since.

I did not get your data by purchasing it from a third party, taking details off your business card, downloading your contact information from a social media platform or any other means that did not involve your direct consent to hear from me.

What sort of data I hold:

The data I hold on you is your first name and email address (that’s all!), although if you’ve been on my database for more than 2 years then I may also have your surname.

If you have purchased a product or service from me then I also hold your address, phone number and sometimes your payment information.

What I do with your data (and what I don’t do)

I use your data to send you:

Free videos and articles containing valuable expert advice and teaching on sales and marketing designed to help you grow and improve your heart-centred business (usually weekly)
Recommendations for third parties who I have personal experience of and who I believe will add value to your business (infrequently).
Invitations to register for free training resources including online webinars, workshops, masterclasses and interview series.
Direct marketing communications and invitations to purchase my products and services (usually twice a year).

I do not share your details with, or sell your details to third parties – ever
I do not send you “spam” or other irrelevant or unsolicited messages

I do not send marketing and sales communications that I consider to be excessive, intrusive or unreasonable (but if you disagree with me, you are free to opt-out at any time and I make it easy for you to do that).

Your right to object or opt-out

Since there is a clear invitation to Opt-out at the bottom of all my emails and marketing communications it’s reasonable for me to assume that you are receiving and opening my emails because you are getting value and wish to continue to do so. I also don’t need to ask you to reconsent to hearing from me under GDPR. (I know there is a huge amount of confusion about this out there, but I’ve put in my hours on the ICO’s website to figure how GDPR applies to my particular business – and I recommend you do the same for yours).

However, you DO have a right to object to receiving my emails and marketing communications, and a right to “opt-out” at any time (I have always given you this option – respecting your privacy and inbox is not a new thing around these parts!).

If you wish to Opt-out of just click on the pink button! [button not supplied here as this is a copy of the original email]
(or on the link at the bottom of any of my emails at any time in the future).

What Happens Next
Unless you click on that there pink button, then nothing changes! You will still receive regular emails containing free videos and articles to help you grow your business using sales and marketing approaches that feel in alignment with your values. And I will stay happy because I LOVE sharing my knowledge with you in this way!

Here’s a reminder of the type of thing I send you each week:

Why you shouldn’t make up “stories” about whether your clients can afford you

Why trying to be Visible is hurting your business

How to set the “right price” for your services”

How to know when it’s time to go Online

And this one if you are guilty of avoiding following up with prospective clients

*Why not pick just one of these and have a read of it today for an instant change in how you are thinking and feeling about your business?

You will also receive invitations to purchase my products and services. This normally happens just twice a year, during promotional periods for the Get More Clients Saying Yes! course and the Business from the Heart Membership Community*

(*This one’s coming up very soon so watch out for it – it’s a way to get my support with your business for a very affordable monthly amount so if you like what I share for free, I think you’ll LOVE this!).

You will always be given the option to Opt-out of my marketing promotions but stay subscribed to my regular videos and articles (again, this isn’t a new thing).

Phew, if you made it this far, well done! And if you’re sticking around – Yay! – I look forward to continuing to support you in growing your heart-centred business!

With much love this sunny GDPR springtime!

With love


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