Are you Funny About Money?

Are you Funny About Money?

When I run the Get More Clients Saying Yes course for authentic sales conversations I always start out by exploring our relationship with sales and money because our beliefs and attitudes in these areas can really hold us back in business.

After all, if you believe that it’s wrong to charge money for your gifts or talents, that earning money is “bad” or “wrong,” that people who have money are greedy, or any negative connotations that you’re holding with regards to money or sales, then it really doesn’t matter what sales structure I teach, or how many great tips I share, this “money stuff” will just keep getting in your way.

When we look at this in the course there are always a lot of “A-ha” moments, with many people owning up to being “funny about money”.

How about you, is YOUR relationship with money getting in the way of your business success?

  • Does talking about money make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed?
  • Do you have blocks around charging what you know you should, maybe setting a low price because it’s all you feel comfortable with?
  • Do you give away free sessions or frequently let your sessions run overtime?
  • Do you sometimes justify your fees or offer a discount before the client has even commented?
  • Do you feel guilty about charging money for your service?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above then I can give you an official diagnosis – you are “funny about money”!

Being “funny about money” in business commonly stems from one of two main areas:

1.  Professional “Funny about money”

Being “funny about money” with a professional cause normally comes when you doubt the value of what you do.  Perhaps you wonder whether you really can make the difference that you want to make or that you are promising your clients?    This lack of “professional self-worth” can naturally cause you to lose confidence because after all, if you don’t fully believe in what you are selling, how can you sell with integrity?

It, also makes it difficult for you to set and communicate clear pricing, because if you’re not really solid about the value that you can bring, then, of course, it’s very hard for you to become congruent about offering your work at pricing that is fair and appropriate to your level of skills and experience, and that reflects the difference you can make.

Equally, lack of confidence in communicating both what you do and its value can also lead to an awkwardness about money – because if you don’t know how to fully communicate the value of what you offer, when you come to state your fees it can feel incongruent to you because you can feel that the client just doesn’t “get it”.  Even though you know in your heart your work is worth it.

If you recognise yourself here then you can celebrate.  Yay!  Because it’s actually really good news. This type of professional “funny about money” can be resolved relatively easily, and there are a number of very practical things that you can do to help you to improve your relationship with money in a professional sense, and many of these I teach and cover within the Get More Clients Saying Yes programme itself.

For example, collecting testimonials and keeping a success notebook can help increase your sense of value. Or even working for free with a couple of clients to prove to yourself that you can get the results.   Getting support with your sales process can help you to set the right price congruently, get comfortable communicating what you do and give you a structure to your sales conversations so you become more confident.

And before you know it, the money part of the conversation will just flow for you – as will the clients who will be attracted by your confidence and congruence.

If you’d like to do further work with me on any of these areas, whether connecting more deeply with your value, learning how to communicate the value of what you do, or taking somebody through a structured sales conversation, getting clear on your pricing and sticking congruently with that pricing, then coming up soon in October and November, I’ll be running the Get More Clients Saying Yes programme. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing more with you about that, and I’d love to have you join me – if that feels right for you.

2.  Personal “Funny about money”

This is where the problems lie a bit deeper – particularly if your unhelpful attitudes to money stem from deeper programming, often dating right back to childhood.

For example, how you feel about money and pricing can be directly connected to low personal self-esteem.   If you connect your pricing to a sense of your own personal self-worth and you don’t feel you are “worth” what you are asking this can really keep you stuck.  This can also lead to overgiving and overhelping where you take too much responsibility for others and feel you want to give away your services for free – not a great model for a successful business!

Many people also carry around deeply embedded negative beliefs about money or people with money, for example, if you grew up hearing the people around you saying things like “money is the root of all evil” or  “rich people are greedy and dishonest”.   If these are the messages you received in childhood it can be very hard to shake these off as an adult no matter how you might “want” to adopt different views.   You might also have picked up beliefs such as “I will always be poor” or “money brings unhappiness”.  Or you may have suffered some sort of trauma around money as a child for example if your parents fought a lot about money, or lost their home.

If this is the case, not only will you find it hard to set solid prices and stick with them and therefore earn the money that you need to make your business viable,  but you will also find it hard to keep hold of the money you do earn because at some subconscious level you feel you have to get rid of the money in order to feel like a “good” person again.

These deeper beliefs can be more insidious than the Professional money issues, and will continue to hold you back in business if you don’t make a clear commitment to yourself to work to overcome them – perhaps by working with a good money coach, EFT or NLP practitioner, or hypnotherapist.


I do hope that this has struck a chord with you.  Do you recognise that your money attitudes could be holding you back?   What commitment do you make to overcome them?  Do share in the comments below. I always love to hear from you.


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  1. Deepak on September 18, 2021 at 4:20 am

    I am turning 57 and the Universe is presenting me with an opportunity to be a soloprenuer.
    I love the prospect of helping others but I feel very uncomfortable and seem to have a phobia about selling my services.
    I took the quiz and the result was spot on. I am a Nurturer.
    I am willing to change my relationship from feeling “funny” to “excited” about money.
    Thank you Catherine for this gift. May you be blessed with joy and well-being.

    • Helen Vits on September 20, 2021 at 9:55 am

      Hi Deepak this is wonderful to hear and if you follow your heart, your instincts will definitely lead you on the right path to your authentic self, making sales simple. We have so many wonderful likeminded business owners in our membership it is great to see how they support each other and get excited about their journeys together. I hope we remain connected. x

  2. Annette Shaw on October 13, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    This is really helpful. When I did the quiz I came out as the natural which surprised me. I do have some issues about not wanting to come a cross as pushy or manipulative and because I have not really got my business off the ground as yet, I am unsure about my worth. However, my practice clients have achieved some major shifts through my coaching. That makes me feel good and confident that I am good at what I do. The above reasons are the main reasons why I invested in the course Get more clients saying yes. I want to confident and authentic in getting my message across.

  3. Sam on May 22, 2019 at 11:32 am

    Thank you, Catherine it never occurred to me that my upbringing has had such an impact on me. This realization will help me a lot.

  4. Ezra on October 11, 2018 at 12:44 am

    Thanks Ma’am, very helpful. a great insight!

  5. Kathy Ponter on September 18, 2018 at 5:27 pm

    I know I’m in the ‘funny about money” club but wasn’t sure why. Reading your list of childhood experiences reminded me of the arguments my parents used to have and how many of them were about money! It really hit home. I’ve always been thrifty! ;-))
    I’m looking forward to the get more clients saying yes. I’m feeling ready to learn how to have a sales conversation. Amazing!!

  6. Marlow on October 3, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    Thanks Catherine, your ‘break-down” of the challenges of money issues was really enlightening and clear, enabling me to make choices as to how to make a move on mine!

    • Catherine on October 3, 2017 at 2:44 pm

      Hi Marlow, I’m glad you found this useful – there may be more to come from me on money this week inside the Facebook group – keep your eyes peeled!

  7. Sally Mayor on September 19, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Thank you Catherine, I found that really interesting and helpful. I definitely recognise myself as someone who’s funny about money and funnily enough I came out as ‘The Nurturer’ when it comes to my sales style! Definitely got some work to do…

    Thanks again.


    • Catherine on October 3, 2017 at 2:45 pm

      Hi Sally, that’s not at all unusual Sally. I often observe that having a nurturing and caring approach to others and being a bit “funny about money” tend to go hand in hand!

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