Do you REALLY Have to be Consistent with your Marketing to be Successful in your Business?

Do you REALLY Have to be Consistent with your Marketing to be Successful in your Business?

Here’s a question for today:  Is it REALLY as important as everyone keeps saying it is to be consistent in your marketing?

Do you also have that feeling that I used to have (because I had so internalised that advice) that if you just stop creating and putting out new content, even for a moment, your whole business will collapse and fail?

Well, here is the actual truth:

First, I actually do believe that consistency matters, and that it does make a difference.

But also:  I am terribly, ridiculously inconsistent in my marketing. I always have been and 13 year in, I don’t seem to get any better – in fact I’ve been worse than ever in the past several years as the wheels have fallen off in many different ways.

But to my surprise, I find that despite that, my business still ultimately “works”.

So I want to talk about message that consistency, while important isn’t “everything” .  Your business wont’ fail.  And in fact, being consistent is not THE thing that makes the difference.

Would I have a bigger business if I was more consistent? Almost definitely. But I have limited energy due to chronic health issues and so I do what I can, and when I can’t I forgive myself.

1. A bit about me

I started my business a decade ago.   At the time I was struggling badly with CFS/ME.   I’d made some recovery but was not all the way there.

I’m also autistic so I’m not good at juggling lots of different things, and get easily overwhelmed. While others thrive on a lot going on for me it leads to overwhelm, depression & not enjoying the business or my life.

So while there are times when I am all “go go go” e.g. during launches or when excited about a new project, generally I’m at my best when my life and business are as simple and uncomplicated  e.g. to give you an idea sometimes put off booking holidays because packing and travelling feel too much – throwing everything into my campervan and hitting the road feels so much easier!

Just the other day I was listening to a  podcast by a a very successful business woman. One of the episodes was focused on content and the main message of the podcast was the importance of being consistent.    She really drummed it home.   That if you want to be successful you have to be consistent.   And it struck me, that’s not really true.  Now of course it does depend on how you define success.  She has a multi 7 figure busines.  I have a multi 6 figure business.  In financial terms clearly she is more successful.  And would I be more financially “successful” if I was more consistent?  100%.   But I’ve got a business I actually love running that I feel I can keep up with,  pays me well enough to give me a good lifestyle now and allow me to save for my future, and pay for support from a team.

I want to feel happy and that I have a quality of life, not that I’m constantly on a treadmill that I can’t quite keep up with.

So how does my marketing look?

In my business marketing looks more like a wave than a straight line.  Sometimes I’m doing less because it’s pre-planned that way. I’ve always designed my business for a busy autumn and winter and much quieter spring and  summers.  Other times I’ve just got depleted, burned out and feel I can’t keep up.  Sometimes I’m sick.   And in those times I just stop. Sometimes for quite long periods.   So one thing I can say with certainty is that I’ve never been consistent with my marketing – more so in the last 3 years than ever.

2. The first time I stopped marketing completely

Much earlier in my business I had a regular content strategy of publishing and emailing out fortnightly blogs.  One day on my birthday I was walking to a restaurant with a business friend and I told her how it felt like I was on a treadmill of needing to create a fortnightly blog or video and I was feeling unmotivated and burned out on it.   She said something completely unthinkable to me – Stop.  Just stop.  But but but… I had this really deeply ingrained belief that if I stopped my business would come to a grinding halt and everyone would forget about me – because that’s what we get told, right?  She pointed out that probably hardly anyone would even notice.  So I did.  I stopped creating content completely – for about 2 months.  Then I picked it up again.  Did it make any difference?  Honestly?  not so I’d notice.

This has happened regularly since and I always forgive myself.

These days are a bit different – I still regularly stop creating marketing content for very long periods. The difference between then and now is that I’ve got a) a big back catalogue of blogs and videos that I re-use and b) a team who will repurpose them for me.

The other marketing I do is Joint Ventures & presenting to other people’s audiences

Being consistent at this looks a bit different to the content marketing.  It is all about actively reaching out, creating new connections, organising some sort of partnership event, or being interviewed on a podcast or summit.

Again I can be very hit and miss and go long periods of time without doing anything to generate new opportunities or develop new relationships.

3. Consistent Sometimes

One of the reasons I can get away with being inconsistent is because I’m consistent sometimes.   So I’d love to enourage you to think like that – to aim for being “consistent sometimes” and then at the times when you are inconsistent – health challenges, juggling too much, overwhelm, depleted, you can stop.   Those times you were consistent will see you through.

So I have a back catalogue of content that doesn’t ever go out of date that means that really, I don’t ever *have* to create new content again.

I have solid partners and former clients who love what I do who will promote me and share me again and again, without me needing to do any new marketing.

4.  Consistency is not THE thing that makes your marketing work

So what is THE thing?  I think that more important than consistency is that you have a clear message that helps you stand out and that your ideal audience will respond to.  How often have you seen someone show up on your social media feed in an Ad that you’ve never heard of and 3 minutes later you are buying a low cost product or signing up to a mailing list?   This is because that person or business had a strong message that you instantly responded to.

A strong message that has impact when you DO use it is far more important than something lukewarm and generic where you could be active online every single day and still be getting ignored.

5.  Things to think about if you find the pressure to be consistent feels like a burden

Are you trapped on a social media treadmill?

Now, obviously there are issues with social media algorithms and consistency and I’m not a social media expert and have never used social media as a means to grow an audience myself.   But I would ask you, if you feel you are constantly having to feed the social media algorithm and it feels heavy, or a drain, is it the right marketing method for you and could you find something else that allows you to be a bit less consistent?

How can you harness those times when you DO have the energy?

Something I used to do was batch write blogs or batch record videos all in one day.   And because when I was feeling well and productive I did this, it’s what means that I have the content now so I don’t have to be creating all the time.

How can you get other people to be consistent FOR you?  

During the pandemic I took off to live full-time in a campervan.  It didn’t go to plan and the wheels fell off my life, health and mental health.  Luckly I have a small team and they kept the show on the road.  Content went out weekly without my having to be involved at all.

  • Can you hire someone to pitch for podcast interviews and media coverage for you?
    Someone else could be sourcing the opportunities for you, then all you have to do is turn up to do the actual interview.
  • Can you hire someone to do the large part of your content process for you?
    For example, if you created just one 20 minute live video  every week and then someone else picks it up, puts it on Youtube, transcribes it, turns it into a blog, takes snippets and turns them into Reels, shares it across the social media channels.  You can be everywhere and all you had to do was one video.
  • Can you have someone else create content for you?
    I once had someone who would take snippets of what I said during group coaching calls and turn them into blog posts.

In other words ask yourself – how can it be easy?

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