100 Days of Rejection

100 Days of Rejection

How often do you allow your business or your dreams to be held back because of fear of rejection?

How many of your clients simply don’t get the help they really need because you are scared they might say “No” – and so you don’t step up to fully serve them?

If this sounds like you then you will LOVE this short video that a new client told me about last week – thank you Anna.

It’s a talk by Jia Jiang at Tedx about how he challenged himself to 100 days of Rejection after facing a devastating business setback.

It is entertaining, uplifting and inspiring – and who knows, maybe it will inspire you to risk a spot of rejection this week?   And what I loved most of all is that it’s also a bit of a love story …

Jia Jiang

Go make yourself a cuppa and sit back and watch this – it’s just 12 minutes long but it could make your day – especially if it inspires you to go out and get rejected!

Go on, I challenge you – put yourself up for rejection today – and do let me know how you get on by commenting below

Happy rejection!


With Love & Gratitude,


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