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[Podcast] Selling from Webinars – without the Sleaze

I’m a real fan of launching having been launching my own course and now membership regularly for the past decade! So I was thrilled to be invited to ‘The Launch Lab’ Podcast hosted by Liz Meville, and even more excited by the theme of this particular episode – how to sell from webinars without the sleaze. Listen to it here!…

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Fall in Love with Speaking

Last week I sent out an email about how I have grown my business using speaking as my main marketing and sales conversion strategy and that got me thinking about what a perfect vehicle for business growth speaking has been for me – and how lucky I was that I embraced it so early, before getting caught up in other,…


Seeding – your secret weapon for non-pushy sales

  I don’t teach many “traditional” sales techniques in my programmes. This is because so many of them are based on psychological manipulation and NLP techniques that genuinely heart-centred business owners simply don’t feel comfortable using. “Icky” is a word that gets used a lot! But one very powerful technique from traditional sales that I love and you can master very easily is…


Lowering Resistance – the REAL Secret to Selling from Speaking

As you know by now, I’ve been talking a lot lately about how to sell from speaking – whether at a short talk, or at the end of a workshop – without coming across like you are doing a “hard pitch” and turning your audience off. The more I reflect deeply on what I do when I sell to audiences…