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seasons of business

Embracing the Seasons of your Business to find your Flow

Earlier this year I was speaking to a business owner who was feeling anxious that she had not made any sales in the first part of the year. I reassured her that just because she might have a month where she does less business doesn’t mean that something is inherently broken in her business. It can just be the seasons…

Less is more of marketing

The “Less is More” of Marketing

Did you start your business because you wanted to make a difference but you never imagined it would be this hard to get your first few paying clients? Maybe you’ve been jumping from one thing to the next without giving anything a chance to get traction, and you can’t seem to settle on that “one thing” that works for you.…

To Launch or not to Launch

Why I love launching ( …and could it be right for you?)

During the past month you’ll have noticed a lot more activity from me than is “normal” during the rest of the year – whether you joined the course or not, thanks for sticking with me! There were invitations free events: Fall in Love with Sales week, the Heart-Centred Sales Masterclass and Q&A sessions.  You may even have noticed me popping…


Running a Business as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

I created the video a few years ago while on a road trip for the summer, travelling and working from my campervan. And yet, despite it being my choice to spend the summer that way, I soon caught myself beating myself up a little for choosing to take life at a slower pace during the summer – telling myself that…

business models

Choosing the Right Business Model

Have you been going about your business the hard way? The answer is yes if you’re trying to implement every marketing strategy you come across and be on every social media platform there is. The answer is also yes if you’ve been signing up for a ton of online courses without understanding which one is right for you and trying…

create a business you love

The Four Elements to Creating a Business you Love

How would it feel to own a business you actually LOVE to run, as opposed to a business you create around something you love, but then end up surprised to find you don’t enjoy it as much as you thought you would? Well, there are 4 essential elements to think about that you also need to enjoy for this to…

Catherine enjoying her radio appearance in Perth

How to build a business you’ll stay in love with

Five years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Australia and on my last day in Perth, I was interviewed on local radio RTR FM 92.1. It was supposed to be an interview about authentic sales but we got sidetracked onto a favourite topic of mine and ended up doing an impromtpu session on: How to build a business you’ll…


Understanding the 5 Stages of Business

For me it’s true to say that my first few years felt like navigating from inside a bank of fog.   I didn’t have any sense of where I was going or what I really needed to do to get there.  Even when things were “working” I often didn’t know why, or know what I was supposed to do next from…

starting a membership

Are you Thinking about Starting a Membership?

Are you thinking of starting a membership? Or maybe you’ve already started one and the next step for you is to grow it? If so I thought I’d gather some useful resources together for you to help get you started. Here’s why: Back in 2016 I was driving on the South Circular in London when I had the “hallelujah” moment…


Do you really need a big list to launch a membership?

Today I’m answering the big question: Do I need to have a big mailing list to sell and to launch group programmes or memberships? Before I jump into this I just want to remind you that group online programmes or memberships are just two of the many business models available to you. Other business models that you might choose instead…


5 Reasons to Start a Membership

As I discussed in my recent blog about business models, there lots of ways you can work with and serve people both online and offline – 121, workshops, high-end group programmes, live events, online courses, memberships and digital products. Over the past 9 years I’ve tried my hand at all of these – and I had success with all of…

Woman thinking with question marks next to her head

How to Choose the Right Business Model

Choosing the right business model is the real key to creating a business you can truly love over the long term. But it’s also where so many people go wrong — including me (read on for more of my story). It’s so easy to choose the business model that’s been handed you by a teacher or expert because it happened…