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Avoiding follow up

Are you Avoiding Following-Up?

Having taught hundreds of heart-centred business owners over the past decade I know that one area of sales most people struggle with is the whole “following up” bit. You’ll probably recognise it – it goes something like this: You meet someone while networking (this could be online or offline). You introduce yourself with your Captivating Introduction. They indicate that they…

4 Steps to creating 12 months of content

How to create 12 months of Content

The way my business cycles and rhythm work, January is a month of planning and putting things in place to make the rest of the year run more smoothly.  If you are doing this same, this could be the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your “Content Marketing”. (video, blogging, podcast etc.) and create a more streamlined plan…

How it feels when you don't follow up

How your Client Feels when you don’t Follow up

As part of my summer break a few years ago, I attended a small festival where I had a healing session that was very nurturing and left me eager to do more work with the healer – but she didn’t have a good follow up process, and so 3 weeks later I still hadn’t booked anything. I did eventually get…

Stop chasing clients

How to stop Chasing your Clients

As I like to remind my clients, the sales process is an awful lot like the dating process. And if there is one thing that’s guaranteed to be a complete “turn off” for your potential client, it’s when you get into “chasing” mode. You know what I mean: 3 calls to their mobile in a day but they don’t pick…

The Importance of Handling Rejection Gracefully

Handling Rejection Gracefully

A recent buying experience has  prompted me to talk about something today, something that isn’t strictly part of the sales process, but instead it’s something that happens afterwards – and is more important than you might realise. It’s the importance of handling rejection gracefully. Watch the video below or scroll down to read the blog. The importance of handling rejection…


What to do when your client says ‘No!’

What do you do in that awkward moment at the end of a sales conversation where the client decides “Thank you, but No”? Do your sales conversations end smoothly when the client says “Yes” but descend into awkwardness if it’s a No? If so, you are not alone. I recently attended an event where the host made an offer for…