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I don't need a bicycle - how not to network

But I don’t need a bicycle (aka “how not to network”)

In the Marketing without Social Media Masterclass last week I discussed 10 alternatives to using social media to get clients and grow your business. I always maintain that one of the most effective way to get new clients from a standing start is to network face to face, either online or offline. (I actually prefer to call this “talking to…

The zillion million ways to market your business

The zillion million ways to market your business

This weeks video was inspired by an email I received from a private mentoring client. We’d started our work together with a whole day planning out a strategy for her business.   There was a plan, she knew what she needed to do, and off she went to implement it. But a month or so later she sent me an update…


What do you say when people ask you what you do?

One of the business events I’m regularly invited to attend as a mentor is a retreat for women leaders run by the leadership organisation “One of Many”.  I’m typically invited there to answer questions about how to get a business started in the early stages – through attracting and enrolling those first few paying clients. While I’m there I answer…

Why being visible is hurting your business

Why trying to be visible is hurting your business

I want to talk about something that’s been troubling me for a little while now. It’s the idea that you have to be visible if you want your business to work, and how for some of us this idea could actually be hurting our businesses. Watch the video below or scroll down to read more. In the last six months, I’ve…


Do They Trust You?

Sales is all about Trust. Well, OK, it’s about a bit more than that too. But really that’s pretty much what it comes down to. Your new potential client needs to trust you on a number of levels if you are going to be able to lead them to a resounding “Yes please!” decision to work with you. Firstly, they…

4 Steps to creating 12 months of content

How to create 12 months of Content

For many in my community,  January is a month of planning and putting things in place to make the rest of the year run more smoothly.  So it seems like the perfect opportunity to add in some strategic planning for one of the areas of business that it is easy to overlook or that gets squeezed out in all the…

Selling from the heart Event

How to know what Marketing will work for YOU?

Last week I got up on one of my favourite soapboxes to talk about online marketing and the dangers for an early-stage business of jumping on the online bandwagon too early. If you missed it you can read it here. As you probably know, I’m actually crazy about online business and online marketing — with it’s potential to reach many…

To Launch or not to Launch

Why I love launching ( …and is the launch model right for you?)

During the past month you’ll have noticed a lot more activity from me than is “normal” during the rest of the year – thanks for sticking with me! There were invitations to the free events: Fall in Love with Sales week, the Heart-Centred Sales Masterclass and Q&A sessions.  You may even have noticed me popping up on your Facebook newsfeed…

How do you know when it’s time to go online?

How to know when it’s time to go Online

Something that I find myself discussing quite a lot within my ‘Get More Clients Saying Yes!’ course is that it’s so easy these days to fall into the belief that an online business is the holy grail of a truly successful business.   Now of course, over the past couple of years opportunities to get out and meet people face to…


Do I really need to niche if I want clients?

It was only last month that I opened the doors to the Business from the Heart Membership and invited new “Hearties” into the fold.   So right now I’m in that phase of getting to know our new members, and helping them with their questions – and confusions! One of the questions that comes up time and time again goes something like…

Avoid the hustle

Hate the Hustle? Here’s how to get out of it…

There’s something that I talk about a lot with my mentoring clients and I’ve been meaning to write about it for some time… What I’m about to talk about is the eternal challenge of balancing this  “Triad” of business essentials: – The need to bring in immediate income – Building towards a “hustle-free” future – Delivering on promises to existing…

Less is more of marketing

The “Less is More” of Marketing

Did you start your business because you wanted to make a difference but you never imagined it would be this hard to get your first few paying clients? Maybe you’ve been jumping from one thing to the next without anything having a chance to get traction, and you can’t seem to settle on that “one thing” that works for you.…