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Talking to people

The Forgotten Magic of “Talking to People”

I’ve been having conversations this week with people interested in joining me for my Get More Clients Saying Yes! course (enrolment is now open and we start next week!). One thing I’m asked a lot is whether this course will teach them how to attract new clients, because of course it’s no use being brilliant at sales conversations if you’ve…

Avoid the hustle

Hate the Hustle? Don’t make my mistake…

There’s something that I talk about a lot with my mentoring clients and I’ve been meaning to write about it for some time – and so what better time to write and warn you about this than when I’ve slipped into making the very mistake myself? What I’m about to talk about is the eternal challenge of balancing this  “Triad”…

Sell to Many

When do I leverage to sell one-to-many?

  During a Q&A call for my “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” course yesterday evening one of my students asked me: “Networking is so inefficient – is there a quicker, easier way for me to get clients?” What she was really asking was about leverage, and it was such a great question it got me thinking and I thought I’d…

How not to network

But I don’t need a bicycle (aka “how not to network”)

Last week was a full-on busy social week for me – I spent a lot of it out and about networking. I know a lot of people don’t like that word so a less technical term that I like to use is simply “talking to people”. So last week I did a lot of “talking to people”.  And there was…


Do I really need to niche?

As you’ve probably noticed (unless you’ve managed to take a complete technology detox for the past month) I’ve been running a promotion in recent weeks for my “Clients for Xmas” offer where I’m supporting a group of wonderful heart-centred business owners in learning how to have authentic, non-pushy sales conversations so they are ready to start 2015 with a bang!…

do they trust you

Do They Trust You?

Sales is all about Trust. Well, OK, it’s about a bit more than that too. But really that’s pretty much what it comes down to. Your new potential client needs to trust you on a number of levels if you are going to be able to lead them to a resounding “Yes please!” decision to work with you. Firstly, they…