Stage 5: Going for Gold

Welcome to stage five going for Gold. So if you have just joined and and taken the questionnaire, then welcome. And if you have arrived here because you've just graduated from stage four, then congratulations and welcome to the journey of running and growing a stage five business. So you will know that you are in stage five because your income is now stable and consistent and you are hitting your monthly financial milestone every month as a minimum. You've made the pivot to your dream business model and you're starting to see an income from that already.  

You are now crystal clear about where you are going and you know how to stay focused on that end result. And as a result of that, you are now extremely selective about what opportunities you say yes to. And you will probably find that you're saying no to more than you actually say yes to. You've got a following or network of people who you keep in consistent contact with and that grows organically every day, every week, every month. And you've also got a new level of confidence in yourself and your ability to hit some of those really big audacious goals that once felt so far off, but now actually feel really achievable and exciting.  

So it's a very exciting stage to be in. And stage five is all about developing a scalable business model so that you know you can continue to grow the business without needing to continue to put in more time and more energy. And part of this, a large part of this is going to be about you moving away from a lot of the day-to-day doing within the business and instead replacing that with team members and automation so it reduces your personal workload. Now, before I go any further, it's worth me saying at this point that stage five will not be for everybody having a team and automating your systems and processes.  

It sounds all very glamorous, but it's also very complex with the need to manage team members and manage lots of moving parts online. And many of you will find that this is not what you went into business for and you may find that the business and lifestyle that you always dreamed of actually lies in getting your stage four business fully sustainable and consistent. So there's no rule that says that you have to continue to grow and scale your business. That might not be what suits you.  

But for others of us, and I'm in this category, we feel very drawn by the excitement and the potential of being able to grow our businesses and reach an ever increasing audience and running a business that has the potential to scale, you know, to six figures, to seven figures, maybe even beyond. So if that's you and you are excited about the idea of having this scalable business where I guess the sky is the limit, if you are in the online track two option, then your stage five business is going to depend on you having things like funnels in place for your customer journey that are proven so that you can confidently invest money in paid traffic and other marketing opportunities knowing that you will see a return on that investment.  

It's not gonna feel like a big risk and a big gamble like it might have done in stage four. But if you are in track one, so your business is mostly offline, then scaling might look more like taking on associates to deliver your work for you, franchising, licensing your model, or maybe hiring people to do your sales and business development. Whichever way, whether you are mostly online or mostly offline. Stage five is all about putting those foundations in place that allow for much greater growth, much greater freedom and much greater income potential.  

Now, stage five still has its challenges, like all of the stages. One of the challenges in stage five is you might have fear of making the financial investment that you need to make in growing the business. Hiring team members take taking on and implementing new software and systems and investing in paid marketing. All of this can require a significant upfront investment and not everybody is comfortable with that level of risk, but if you decide to grow more organically as in bringing the money in first and reinvesting it later, then you are more likely to feel frustration because it all seems to take so long. 

And while you are growing more organically, you see people flying past you because they've actually made a decision to invest more heavily, but take a bigger risk. In stage five, your money gremlins might be having an absolute field day at the prospect of you actually making a lot of money and cause you to self sabotage. So you need to keep an eye out for that. You could also feel overwhelmed by all of the different moving parts you need to manage. Not to mention the additional layer of complexity and challenge that comes from needing to learn how to manage and motivate a team of people, especially if they're based remotely from you.  

And this might be around the time that you start to feel that this is a very different business than the one you started out with and that actually you are not in love with it as much. This may be the point where you realize that stage five isn't where you want to take your business after all. So stage five milestones, how you know you are ready to move outta stage five and enter the sky is the limit. You will have a fully scalable business model that is profitable in its own rights. So the business model that you are dreaming of or the business model that you set out to create is now giving you all of the income so that you are hitting your monthly milestones, if not higher.  

And you know that from this point you could continue to grow that model without needing to invest significantly more of your time and energy. You will have repeatable and predictable sales and marketing strategies in place. You will have automated many key elements of your sales, marketing, and delivery processes, and you will be, more than likely, you will have leveraged sales and leveraged delivery and marketing. So one to many, one to many sales, one to many delivery. You will also be clear, you'll probably either have an evergreen business model or a launch stroke campaign type of a business model, more of which I'll talk about within the stage five modules.  

You'll have team support in place for all of your key business activities and you will be very established, well known for what you do, strongly positioned and known as a leader and an influencer in your field and other influencers will be reaching out to you. Once you've hit those milestones. You are ready to move on from stage five and enter the skies. The limit now in the skies, the limit. That's exactly what it says on the tin. Once again, the the potential for growth and for opportunities will be limitless. But the business beyond stage five may also start to look and feel like a very different entity because you're going to be running a much bigger operation.  

The things you're going to need to consider on a day-to-day basis will be very different. You may even find that you switch into a role that is much more about being the visionary, being the leader, leading the strategy, and actually moving away from a lot of the doing you may even remove. Move away completely from doing the the delivery, the marketing. You may move away from being the front face of your business and depending on the nature of the business, you may even start to prepare it for sale. So the sky's the limit is beyond the scope of this membership program.  

But for now, it sounds like you are ready to jump into the stage five modules. So go ahead, enjoy the ride. I look forward to seeing you in there.