Stage 4: It's Working!

Hello and welcome to stage four. It's working. Yay. So if you've just joined and completed the questionnaire to discover that you are in stage four, then welcome. And if you have just graduated here from stage three, then congratulations. Make sure you do take some time out to celebrate. This is a really big milestone that you've hit and very many people give up long before they reach this point. So really well done on getting here. So you know that you are in stage four because like it says on the tin, it's working, something will have clicked for you, you'll have found your flow.  

You know what you need to do to bring on clients. Your confidence has increased. You are seeing great results with the clients that you are working with. You are really confident of your value. Now, your heart is fully in this business and it feels really, really exciting. You are hitting your breakeven figure every month, even if it's not by following your exact dream long term business model, you are still hitting those revenue goals month on month. And because of this, it's allowing you to be more selective about what opportunities and even what clients you say yes to. 

You've also, in this stage, got a lot more trust in your business. You are starting to see that if you do certain activity consistently, those clients will keep on showing up. So this means that you can relax into more trust and a lot of the anxiety from those early stages will disappear. So it's a really great stage to be in. And you can also have pride in yourself. You know that you stuck it out. You did what it took to make it work despite the naysayers in your life, despite what the inner critics said to you, those little voices that used to whisper at you.  

However, while you've got things working financially, stage four can still feel frustrating for you. And this is because to get to stage four, you've probably been reliant on one-to-one sales and one-to-one client delivery. But if you've got a much bigger vision for your business and a much bigger financial goal to hit than this is probably around the time when you're going to be feeling frustrated because your business growth becomes limited by the amount of time you have available. So the aim of stage four is to start moving away from short-term income generating activities into long-term thinking and long-term strategy. 

In other words, you are going to be far more interested in growing your community and developing long-term relationships rather than pursuing an immediate sale. Right now, you are also in stage four going to be making that all important pivot towards your ideal long-term business model. And you might in this stage now, you might even make a strategic decision to stop bringing on clients for a period of time or limit the number of clients you work with in order to free up time to develop this long-term business model. 

And you'll be able to do this because at a baseline things are working. You have trust that the clients will keep on coming when you need them to. So it will be easier for you financially and there's more room for you to breathe, more room for you to develop that long-term more strategic approach. So it's time, you know, it's moving away from like an immediate almost knee jerk. Where's the money coming from this month into, okay, where am I going in the long-term and what steps do I need to take right now in order to, in order to reach that point in the future? So for many of you, this all important pivot in your business model is going to involve a shift to one to many sales.  

So that might be selling from webinars, selling from video, and so on, or, and so it's an and or or one to many delivery, which might be through group programs or membership programs, although it doesn't have to be, you know, a very simple 1, 2, 1 business model might just be what lights you up. And there is no rule that says that we have to grow six figure and seven vigor businesses. That might not be what suits you, it might not be what seems right for your lifestyle. So there's no rules with any of this. So in stage four, you are going to be strongly cementing your expert status and cementing your position as a leader and influencer in your field.  

Stage four is going to be the perfect time to actually invest money in a much stronger brand presence. So a website upgrade might well be in order. In this stage, you are also going to be developing really impactful collaborative partnerships with other high level influencers and leaders and starting to use paid traffic to grow your region community. So with this in mind, some of the challenges you're likely to face in stage four are going to be imposter syndrome could really kick in big time. You might be starting to question, you know, who do I think I am to be rubbing shoulders with some of these high level people in my field? And who am I to be positioning myself as an expert?  

This confidently fear of success can also kick in. You might be finally starting to see, oh my gosh, this could really work and the self-sabotage could kick in as a result. You might also find that you feel overwhelmed with keeping up with the sheer amount of Content that you need to produce. You're going to be producing your blogs, your vlogs, maybe a podcast depending on your content marketing strategy. But you'll also be creating email sequences, sales pages, training content, and other marketing content as you move into these more leveraged ways of working. So this is also a very important stage for you to start making sure you've got the right support in place.  

This is where you'll be focusing on hiring, getting the right team members in place, and developing systems and processes to make future growth easier. So the milestones you're gonna be aiming for in stage four in order to move out into stage five are first of all that you will have made the pivot towards your long-term business model and be at least starting to generate income from that business model. You will be selling and or delivering one to many. But remember only if this is genuinely what lights you up. There are no rules. As I said, you will be hitting at least your monthly milestone figure month on month.  

And again, that's the figure that you worked out during the foundations module. Your emailing list will now have grown to between 3000 and 5,000 contacts, and your expert status will be established. And the way you will know it's established is because people will be coming to you with opportunities instead of you having to proactively seek those opportunities out. So once you've hit those key milestones, it's gonna be time first for a big celebration because you're ready to move onto a whole other phase of your business and then it's time to move on into stage five, which is going for gold.  

Now moving onto stage five will not be right for all of you. Very many of you will make a strategic choice that staying at stage four and getting stage four sustainable and in flow is, is going to achieve your, it's gonna give you the fulfillment in business you want, give you the income that you're looking for and the lifestyle you want. So stage five isn't for all of us, and I'll talk about that at the beginning of stage five, how you make that decision about whether stage five is where you want to go with your business or not. So I look forward to seeing you over in stage five.