Stage 3: Finding your Flow

Hello and welcome to stage three, finding Your Flow. If you've just joined and completed the questionnaire to discover that you are in stage three, then welcome. And if you've graduated here from stage two, then congratulations and well done on the work you've put in so far to get to this stage. Now, you know you are in stage three when you've already had started to have some traction both online and offline, if that's the direction you're choosing to take things. So you've got a clear message that people are responding to, and as a result, you've been able to both attract and enroll paying clients into your programs or packages.  

And so you can see that yes, you have got the makings of something here and you've also, at this stage, you've got your online presence set up and you are starting to grow your online following or community. So there's a lot to celebrate in stage three, but it's not smooth sailing yet. You've had a few paying clients, but it still doesn't feel smooth or predictable or under your control. You might even be starting to question your business at this stage, you know, wondering, well, if this is how long it takes to bring on each new client, how is this ever going to become a viable business?  

And this is the stage where despite your early successes, you might even start seriously thinking of giving up without a strong network or community around you and people to remind you to just keep on going. You know, cause stage three, despite those early successes, it can feel a bit like the hard yards. And I'm going to explain why that is, cuz the, the reason it feels this way is because although you've proven that it works and you've had these early successes, the problem is that not enough people have heard of you still. So stage three is all about getting known, getting seen, getting attention, and this is what's going to make your business a lot easier in the long run when a lot more people know that you exist and know what you do. 

Stage three is also all about finding your flow in business. You know, at the moment, like I said, it doesn't feel smooth or predictable just yet. Stage three is about discovering, you know, those marketing strategies that are the sweet spot for you that feel most in flow and get you the best results. And also finding out those ways of working with your clients that feel most in flow. But it's not an easy stage. You know, like I said, you're probably feeling frustrated that you are not further ahead or you're not making quicker progress.  

You are likely to even be feeling like a bit of a fraud because people will be starting to get to know you and people will have the impression that you're doing better than you are. So you are quite likely to feel a little bit awkward about that. You are probably gonna be feeling overwhelmed by just how many moving parts there are. And you know, wondering how as one person you are ever gonna be able to make this work. And you are also, because this stage is all about putting yourself out there and getting known by more people. You are likely to be feeling quite vulnerable and afraid of putting yourself out there and afraid of what you're going to need to do in order to become more visible. 



And the other thing in this stage is that you haven't yet developed that business resilience, which does develop over time, but by in stage three, you're still in a place where you are likely to really get knocked for six by rejection from potential clients or opportunities, criticism, negative feedback from clients, negative comments online. So you are, it's very much an in between stage, like I said, where you've had a certain amount of success, but so much isn't in place yet in terms of, you know, your own level of being established and being known and your own sort of internal game in terms of confidence and resilience and being more comfortable putting yourself out there.  

One thing that definitely makes this stage easier to be in is having a clear understanding and awareness that it is quite a tough stage to be in. And that there is a reason for this. Like I said before, the reason is because you don't yet have your own reach and platform. And so for this reason, I recommend that you don't try and embark on ambitious projects that do rely on you having a large community or following because it will only lead to disappointment. And in the end, in the long run, it will actually slow up your progress.  

Now, I do not mean for a minute, don't take big strides in the direction of your dreams. If you want to start selling from webinars at stage three, or if you want to launch your first online program, by all means go for it because you're going to be developing your assets and your foundations ready for the future. But go into it with a realistic head on your shoulders, knowing that if you don't have a big reach or a big marketing budget or established contact with people who do have large communities, that you are likely to start out with smaller results, then you're gonna have somewhere further down the line.  

One other thing about stage three to mention is that it can feel like a lot to juggle. There's a lot going on in stage three and it can feel a bit like it's running out of control for you. So it's so important in this stage that you've put in place your flow strategies and your time and energy management strategies from the foundation's module that's going to make the difference for you between stage three, feeling easy, fun, enjoyable, under your control, or it leading to burnout and overwhelm. And of course, that's not a fun Way to run a business.  

So your aim in stage three, what stage three is all about is growing your reach and your community and finding your groove. Finding those things that are most inflow for you, that are going to work for you, that you can build the long term of your business around. Now you're going to know that you are ready to move outta stage three into stage four. It's working when you've hit the following milestones. So your stage three milestones are that you will know what you need to do in order to bring on new clients. You will have predictable actions that you can take when you, when you need to bring on new clients. 

Now it might, it probably won't yet be your dream long term business model. It might be, but it might not be. But what matters is that you'll know what you need to do to generate new clients. You will be consistently hitting your breakeven figure month on month. That's the break even figure that you calculated in the foundation's module. You will have created at least, at least 20 pieces of leveraged content that you have used in order to reach people within other business owners or other people's networks or communities.  

Your email list will now be at 500 people or more, and you will be being consistent with two core marketing strategies. Probably one online and one offline, but not always. So once you've hit those milestones, you know that you are ready to move on into stage four, which is called It's Working. Yay. So it'll be time for a big celebration.