Stage 2: Good to Grow

Hello and welcome to stage two, good to Grow. So if you have just joined the membership, then welcome. And if you've just graduated to stage two from stage one, then congratulations. You are well on your way. So you know you are in stage two when you have got crystal clear on your ideal client, you know how to communicate to them or to the people that know them in a way that they will respond and want to know more. And you've proved the concept of your business by selling your first two, at least first two packages or programs.  

In other words, you've got the basics in place to know that yes, you can make this work. And if you've been able to attract and enroll people into your programs offline, it means that your message is probably strong enough to capture attention online amidst all the noise and where it's so much more competitive. So stage two is all about getting your online foundation set up ready for future growth and to help you get to that place where you are able to transition away from a need to generate immediate income into longer term thinking and strategy, which comes a little bit later in the journey.  

So right now you are probably feeling really excited. You've sold a few packages or programs, you've actually got a sense this, maybe this could work, but you are one, you are thinking if only you could make it feel easier. It feels frustrating that things aren't happening more quickly and you are probably impatient now to get online because after all, isn't that the holy grail of creating a successful business these days, or is it? But I do know the idea of going online feels really exciting. 

I share that feeling with you, you know, the potential of reaching a much wider audience, maybe even a global audience, being able to work from anywhere in the world, being able to work from home in your pajamas. But I also know that at the same time as feeling excited, you may well be feeling overwhelmed with what it's going to take to grow a business online, maybe even scared of the tech that's going to be required, and also the increased level of visibility being visible in a bigger way. So there's all of those things to overcome as well during this stage.  

So before you move into setting up your online presence in stage two, you're going to be pausing first to get clarity about your long-term business blueprint or business model. Because once you know where you are going, it will be so much easier for you to make decisions about your activity and your marketing. Most importantly for this stage, knowing where you are going ultimately in the long run will actually impact what sort of online assets you develop and what sort of online activity you start to do because you don't go online for the sake of it. 

I think that's important to Realize you only go online insofar as it supports you in achieving your long-term vision. And for that reason, at this stage I will be talking about two different online tracks. So you will be following online track one if you are setting up a predominantly offline business, because in that case your online presence will be mainly about building credibility and positioning and supporting you in building and growing your offline relationships. However, you'll be in track two in this stage if you are planning on eventually developing a fully online business or you are planning on attracting most of your clients through online activity.  

And if that's the case, your website needs to become much more than just a credibility tool. It also needs to be a marketing tool in its own rights with a well thought through customer journey and ways for people to stay connected with you and and that supports your online marketing activity. So very much like stage one, stage two, most of your time is still taken up with marketing and sales, except now you've also got your existing clients to deliver and you've also got your admin and your accounts to do. In addition to that, you'll also have a good chunk of time that you need to allocate to getting your online assets built and working. 

So you'll be developing your first website. You'll be getting your social media profiles up and linked up. You'll be developing a free giveaway, maybe a landing page, opt-in box on your website autoresponders. You may not do all of that if you're in online track one, but if you're in track two, that all of those things you're going to be getting in place in stage two, so it can feel like a lot to juggle at this stage. And so the time and energy management strategies that you implemented in the foundation's module are really going to come into their own here and will be absolutely invaluable for you in helping you to manage this and keep on moving through.  

So you are going to know when you are ready to move outta stage two into stage three because you will have clarity about your long-term business model and where you are headed. Now, that can still change later, but it's important that you have clarity at this stage. Even if it changes, you will have a simple five page website created and up and you will also have your relevant social media profiles set up and linked up appropriately. If you are in Track two in particular, you will have created a free giveaway.  

You'll have an opt-in box, you'll have a simple auto-responder series, and you'll have at least 50 people who have signed up to receive that free giveaway who don't already know you, so your mom and your best friend don't count among those 50 people. You will be being consistent with your activity in terms of attracting clients both online and offline. And you will have signed up a further two paying clients as a result of purely online activity. Once you've hit that set of milestones, you'll be ready to move into stage three, which is all about finding your flow. So I look forward to supporting you through these modules of stage two so that you are ready to tick off th those milestones and move on to the next stage. I shall see you on the inside. Bye-bye.