Stage 1: Talents into Money

Hello and welcome to stage one of the five stages of a successful heart-centered business. And this stage is called Talent into Money. So it's been designed to do what it says on the tin to have you take your gift, your talents, your experience, your knowledge, and start turning that into paying clients so that you're taking those first steps on the journey towards having a truly successful and sustainable heart-centered business. So if you have just joined the membership and you've identified that you are in stage one, it's likely that you are just starting out in business. You've probably got a reasonably clear idea of what you want to do, but no clear vision of how it's gonna come together or how you're going to attract clients in. 

You might also be in stage one if you've been in business for a few years, but it's never felt like it's quite worked. You know, there might have been the odd client, but it felt a bit hit or miss, and perhaps it's a mess and perhaps it's never really worked financially. And you know, you may even still be dipping into your savings to keep afloat. So regardless of how long you've been in business in stage one, it's likely that you are still feeling in a bit of a bank of fog when it comes to business, when it comes to being able to have a vision of what's gonna work for you and what you need to do next. And this can create a huge amount of frustration.  

This is why it's easy to get distracted by by shiny objects, easy to get distracted by whoever's running the biggest launch that week, or whoever's being the most convincing on your Facebook feed, because it's very hard for you to make your own genuinely empowered decision about what the right next step is for you in your business. So that's a large part of what this membership is about, helping you to be able to understand where you are on the journey, what comes next for you, and know what sort of training or business model or approach or marketing strategies right for you next. So you know the way you might be feeling.  

In stage one, you are probably feeling that this is much harder than you ever imagined it was going to be. You'll possibly feel a bit embarrassed when friends and family ask you how it's going because you think that by now you really ought to be doing better than you are. You might even be despairing of ever making it work. You might be thinking, gosh, I'm not cut out, I'm not sure I'm cut out to be in business. Maybe I should just go back to my job. The other paradox of stage one is that almost inevitably you're going to be at the lowest confidence E that you will ever be in your business life. And it's not surprising when you think about it. 

You're starting out, you've had very little feedback, not enough people know you exist yet you've had either zero or very few paying clients and you haven't seen enough results from your clients. So naturally you're going to be low in confidence. But the irony here is that stage one is actually when you need to be able to give a very confident impression and Take bold action in the direction of getting your business working. So there's a bit of a conflict going there with regards to the confidence. So if you are recognizing yourself in what I've said so far, then you are in absolutely the right place to be in this membership and also to be in stage one, what stage one is all about.  

It's about going back to basics to get absolutely clear about who you are most uniquely positioned to help, how you can help them, and how you communicate that to your ideal clients. Because once you know how to communicate with clients or people who know your clients in a clear and compelling way, then all that you need to do is learn how to take them through a process that will result in a conversation that has them saying a, yes, please, to buying your program or your package. 

Now this might be selling your very first program or package. If you've been in business for a few years, this is gonna be about selling your first program or package in a way that feels as though it was in some way within your control rather than down to luck or fluke that it's gonna start to feel like something that you could replicate again. In stage one, it's important that you understand that you are very much in a testing and learning stage. Nobody can give you any guarantee about what's going to work for you In this stage. It is all about you learning about your clients, what they need from you, how to communicate with them.  

It's also about you learning what works for you, what feels heavy, what feels in flow, what you are particularly brilliant at doing. You are also going to find that your efforts in stage one are going to be typically focused more on offline activity than online. Now, it doesn't mean you won't do any online at all, and there may be exceptions, but mostly you'll be offline. And this is because you recognize that until your message and your positioning are crystal clear, you are going to be limited in the sort of traction that you can get online.  

And so you'll be working on getting your messaging clear so that once you've proven your concept, you can actually then take it online. And what you do online will have a far bigger impact than if you go online before you are ready. So the other thing about stage one is that most of your time is going to be taken up with marketing and sales things that fall under those headings. And you may feel very frustrated and disillusioned because you're going to be thinking to yourself, but hang on a minute, I didn't come into business because I want to be a full-time marketer. I actually want to work with people and make a difference.  

So just remember that the only reason that you are having to do so Much marketing at the beginning is because you are starting out and you're starting out with no reach, no list, no community. And so remember that if you keep on taking the right action, that over time this will change and you will start to pivot to do less marketing. So the more established your business cats, the less and less marketing you're going to do. A lot of it comes in, I'm not suggesting for a minute that you can ever stop marketing completely, but it's very much front loaded at the beginning with just getting you going.  

So please don't be disillusioned by the focus on the marketing because that will change. And you know, yes, some stage one doesn't last forever. Because once you know how to communicate to your ideal client and you know how to attract them and enroll clients, your confidence is gonna increase. You'll just be so much more in flow and you'll find the whole business journey that much easier. And remember, it's an important message to take from this, from this particular video is as long as you can enroll just one paying client into your program or package, it means that it works, right?  

So if just one person values what you do in order to pay for it and you know how to communicate to that person and take them through a sales process where you demonstrate the value to them, then that means that there are other people out there who will also buy from you. Your only job then becomes making sure you reach more of them. And that's why in stage two, we move on into setting up an online presence and getting you started with online activity so we can move you in the direction of your long-term business vision. So you are going to know that you are ready to move outta stage one and into stage two when you have absolute clarity about your ideal client and you know how to communicate to them in a way that they take notice and want to find out more. 


You will also have proved the concept of your business by selling your first two packages or programs, and you will have collected at least two client testimonials that demonstrate the results you can help somebody get. Once you've hit those milestones, it's time to celebrate. Yay. I hope you'll be celebrating enrolling those first two clients anyway. And it will then be time to move on to stage two, good to Grow, which is where you're going to start to take all the foundations that you've just been developing and take things online so that you can start reaching more people. So I look forward, so jump in. I look forward to guiding you through stage two modules so that you are ready to hit those milestones and move out to stage three. See you on the.