Business from the Heart - November 2023 Launch

Launch Information and Dates

There are 3 elements to my launch plan as detailed below, you can choose what elements you would like to promote.

Pre-Launch (see dates below)

You will see me do various lives and post various blog articles designed to engage with people.

These pieces of content you will see on the Selling from the Heart Facebook page.  If you choose to share this content, make sure you also share your affiliate link to the workshop so we can track any people who you refer.

Webinar (see dates below)

As a referral partner, this is the most important thing to promote.  You will have already been given a Unique Link to the Workshop registration page via email.  All registrants who sign up via your link will be tracked, and if they join our community you will be rewarded with a referral commission.

Here is the workshop registration page - you will see there are 2 times people can choose from - your special link will direct people here.

Please note - always use your affiliate link, the above link is for your reference only.

Open Cart (see dates below)

The Open Cart period is the period in which we open registrations for the community.  In this period you will see FB Lives, a Q & A, a membership tour, and many other opportunities that people you refer to us can "check us out" and make a solid decision.


28th May (1pm UK ) - Facebook Live

30th May (1pm UK ) - Facebook Live

31st May (1pm UK ) - Facebook Live

5th June (7pm UK) - Workshop 1 (plus enrolment opens)

6th June (1pm UK) - Workshop 2

11th June (7pm UK) - Membership Site Tour and Q&A

13th June (1pm UK) - Live Q & A on day of close.

13th June (10pm UK) - Registration closes.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Kerstin on our customer service email -

Much love

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