Business from the Heart - Referral Programme


Your Referral Links

We use Infusionsoft to create your unique referral links and track all referrals. Your links are included in the email you receive when you sign up. All the people you refer are then attached to your referral account in our system, and that is how we know to pay you for any new members.

Tracking Centre Login

To help you track your referrals you can access our Tracking Centre with your own login details which were emailed to you when you joined.

In there, you can:

  • Access all your Unique Referral Links
  • See how many people have clicked on your links
  • See how many people have joined the Membership through your links
  • Monitor and get reports for your earned commissions

You can access this centre at anytime here:

If you cannot locate your user login details, use the 'forgot password' function and enter your email - you will then be sent instructions on how to access your account.

Changing your referral link

Most people like to change their referral link to be less cumbersome and easier to remember.

However, it's important you are upfront that it's a referral link (aka affiliate link) when you share it.

Here's how you can change the link:

1. By email: You can use a ‘hyperlink’ so that for example the link text says "Business from the Heart Membership" but when the person clicks on it, they're redirected to your referral link. You do this within your email software using the symbol that looks like a small chain.

2. If you're sharing it on social media you can use bitly ( to shorten the link.

3. My own favourite is a WordPress plugin called Pretty Links which allows you to personalise any link with your own domain name. For example www.yourdomainname/bfth or similar.



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