Free Training with Catherine Watkin

Let me help you with your biggest challenge right now!

3 Free online trainings for Heart-Centred Business Owners, starting Tuesday 4th May.

How to get Paying Clients in 5 Straightforward Steps (works online and offline)

Tuesday 4th May at 1.00pm (UK)

How to get clients when Marketing (or the idea of it) is making you Miserable

Wednesday 5th May at 1.00pm (UK)

How to make real progress with your business when there's just SO MUCH to Juggle

Thursday 6th May at 1.00pm (UK)

For more information and on-the-day reminders. Starts Tuesday 4th May

"That idea takes the pressure off!"

"Thank you so much - I feel much better about what to do"

"So inspiring and informative Catherine - thank you - I love the way you reframe things. I can feel my perspective shifting"

"This has made a huge difference to the way I think about things"

"This is spot-on!"

I've created these 3 trainings to directly address the most common problems and challenges you told me about. They will be short, so easy to consume even if time is tight, and genuinely useful.

And I won't be selling anything during the trainings - I will be teaching fully and from my heart, aiming to fit in as much as I can of value to help you.

These sessions will be delivered Live - so pop them in your calendar now then on the day grab a cuppa and a notebook and join me in real time!

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