Do you have to sell “Packages” if you want be successful as a coach?



Join Catherine Watkin and Robert Stephenson for this open conversation.

Listen in as we chat openly about whether it’s really essential to “package” your coaching services into ongoing programmes if you want to create a successful and financially viable coaching practice.

Here are some of the things we aim to explore:

  • Why Catherine believes that packaging your services is the only way to create a truly viable coaching business that doesn’t have you burning out and giving up too soon.
  • Including why when you sell packages you have to put a whole lot less time and effort in to the sales and marketing aspects of running your business.
  • On the other side of the coin Robert will explain why, as a very established and experienced coach he doesn’t package his coaching services, instead offering his coaching by the session.
  • Catherine will be warning him of the dangers of this – and he’ll be pointing out why he thinks she’s wrong!
  • We’ll talk about the difficult challenge of creating a sustainable income as a coach and explore the pros and cons of selling both packages and sessions in doing that.
  • Robert will have some encouraging insights for you if you instinctively feel that you want to sell your work by the session.
  • And Catherine will explain why she doesn’t encourage people to join her business programmes without a willingness to create and sell packages.

So as you can see there will be lots of food for thought to help you decide if selling packages is right for you!

We’ll also make sure we allow time to answer your questions.

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Catherine Watkin is the UK’s leading expert in authentic and heart-centred sales.

She works with heart-centred business owners like you, who want a great business but don’t want to compromise their integrity.  She helps them get more clients saying "Yes Please!" in a way that feels authentic, comfortable is always in alignment with your values.

She’s an authentic and inspiring role model for how it’s possible to create a successful business without resorting to sleazy or manipulative sales and marketing techniques.

Catherine Watkin Selling from the Heart

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