As a Nurturer you are caring, compassionate and highly motivated to serve and help others.

You’re always first to help a friend or family member who is in need, and nothing gives you a greater sense of fulfilment than feeling you are making a genuine difference to the lives of others through your work. You may even have worked in a caring role e.g. in the NHS or other support service, or dedicated yourself to caring for your family.

You’ve quite likely had no experience of sales prior to starting your business, and so talking about money and charging decent prices feels like very foreign territory. And you feel pretty uncomfortable when it comes to the idea of selling your services.


You’d love to be helping more people through your work and seeing the difference you make, but when it comes to charging enough for your business to be sustainable or encouraging someone to go ahead and work with you, you feel so uncomfortable it’s often easier to avoid it altogether.

You may have been selling your work by the session or the hour but it feels like a constant grind to get new clients, and then when you do have a diary full of clients it keeps you so busy that you don’t have the time or energy to work on growing the business so you can get off the treadmill.

Though you don’t like to admit it, doing things this way is burning you out. So much that you are starting to feel guilty towards your clients because you know you are not functioning at a level that would allow you to serve them best.


The good news for the Nurturer is that this caring, giving nature means you have the potential to be really brilliant at having heart-centred sales conversations that feel genuinely supportive and leave your client feeling that you have their best interests at heart.

You’re also a natural people person so once you learn a style of selling that does feel comfortable for you, and have dealt with some of the “stuff” (that’s a technical term) that’s getting in the way you’ll be surprised to find how much you enjoy the process!

You will start to see your sales conversations as an important first step in the transformation you know you can bring to the client.


The challenge for a Nurturer when it comes to sales is that your caring nature tends to mean you put other people first at the expense of yourself. You naturally want to do everything you can to “help” the client during the initial sales conversation.

But of course the down side is that while the client ends up appreciating you, they don’t go ahead and work with you because you’ve given them so much, and they are feeling so much better that they don’t feel they need any more help right now.

This is why they often say “I’ll get back to you when I’m ready”.

Another big issue facing a Nurturer when it comes to sales is that you find all of the “stuff” connected to pricing, money and talking about money throws you into confusion.

You spend a lot of time agonising over whether you’ve got your pricing “right”. And this lack of clarity prevents you from doing more to attract clients.


You’re also not connected to a clear sense of the value that your work brings so when you think about increasing your prices you doubt yourself and question whether you’re really good enough to charge that much.

You’re also conflicted about whether it’s really OK to charge people money for helping them. You might even have some deep-seated beliefs that you don’t deserve to make good money, or that if you made money it would somehow make you a “bad” person.

The last thing you want is to be perceived as greedy when in fact you care so much about others. All of these “money gremlins” stop you from serving your clients in the way you know you could.

But don't worry, as a Nurturer you can learn how to have comfortable sales conversations that leave your client feeling seen, heard, supported and wanting to work with you even more as a result.

3 Tips to Boost Your Nurturer Sales Style



Get crystal clear on your pricing and write it down. Then stick with that pricing for a defined period of time (you can always change it again later). This sense of solidity about your price will hugely increase your confidence.



Commit to doing the inner work to challenge some of your “money gremlins”. Buy a pretty notebook and start to capture the gremlins as you become aware of them.

Just shining the light of awareness on them will reduce some of their power. Then you can start to explore whether these gremlins are telling the truth or just trying to pull the wool over your eyes to keep you safe.



Learn a structure to guide your sales conversations. This will give you a huge sense of confidence that you really can guide a potential client to a decision to work with you in a way that feels genuinely supportive to the client.


You can get started here with my free training “The 7 Steps to Yes!” for authentic, heart-centred sales conversations.

It will show you how to take a client through a conversation about working with you where both you and the client feel totally supported and you can guide them gently and compassionately to a “yes please” – if that’s right for them.

Let me know how you get on!




I hope you've found this report useful in understanding your Authentic Sales Style.

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