If you’re a Go-Getter you’re committed to making your business work and are taking the action to make it happen.

You’ve realised that it’s not enough to be brilliant at what you do or be able to provide an amazing transformation to your clients. If nobody knows you exist you can’t help anyone. So you’ve invested time and money in learning what to do to attract clients to you.

You’ve taken courses, attended seminars. You might even be working with a business mentor. And you’re diligent in putting into practice what you’ve learnt. You’re putting in the time on social media. Or blogging. Or Facebook Live-ing. Maybe all of them!

You’re pounding the pavement and getting out networking or speaking. You’re no longer the best kept secret. People know you exist. Maybe even lots of them!


But for all the effort you are putting in you’re not seeing the return you expected in the number of clients saying “Yes please!” to working with you.

And there already aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the marketing activity you know you “should” be doing. You almost don’t know how you’d fit in any clients on top of that!With all of this you are starting to feel burned out. Being in business is way harder than you ever thought it would be.

You also find the whole idea of selling to a client a bit intimidating. You’ve had some sales training in the past, and you’ve been on the receiving end of pushy sales people, and you know you don’t want to be like that.

And if you’re completely honest with yourself you’d admit that you find it more comfortable to “hide behind” your marketing.

It’s so much easier to do your social media or go out networking than it is to clearly and confidently invite one single person to take the next step and actually pay you money to work with you.


The good news for a Go-Getter is that plenty of people know you exist. Yay!

You are spreading your reach, getting known for what you do and all that effort is paying off in terms of the number of people who know what you do.

So once you learn to convert more of this interest into actual sales – in other words take people from knowing you exist to saying, “Yes please, I’d like you to help me with this thing and I’m going to pay you money to do that”, you won’t need to worry about where those clients are coming from.

The other bit of good news is that as a Go-Getter and an action taker, once you understand what’s not working you’ll be motivated to do what you need to do to fix the problem.


The challenge for a Go-Getter is quite simply that your marketing bucket has got a hole in the bottom! All your time and energy is going into filling the bucket but because you have no way to convert these people to become paying clients or customers they are falling straight out of the bottom. Ouch.

Because here’s the thing: marketing doesn’t work without sales, just as sales doesn’t work without marketing. Sales is the essential Yin to marketing’s Yang. And you are putting too much focus on one at the expense of the other.

 This is why it’s so common (you are totally not alone, I see this all the time) to have lots and lots (even tens of thousands) of people who know you and love what you do, yet none of them actually paying you any money.


If you’re a Go-Getter it’s time to stop working quite so hard on your marketing and hoping people will become clients now that they know you exist (sadly human psychology doesn’t work like that).

Instead you need to direct some of the energy you’ve put into learning to market your business in to learning to sell your services.

And don’t worry, as a Go-Getter, now that you know what’s missing you will find you can easily turn your attention and motivation to creating a plan and process that will start filling your diary with more heart-centred sales conversations

3 Tips to Boost Your Go-Getter Sales Style



All you have to do is plug the hole in that bucket! Do this by planning out a clear sales process for the journey someone takes from the point they first hear of you through to booking in for a formal sales conversation (aka consultation or discovery session) or buying from you.



Even if you’ve done work on this before revisit your Ideal Client profile and message. If you’re putting in the effort marketing and not enough people are putting their hand up to find out more it could be that your message isn’t landing with them strongly enough.

It’s essential that when your perfect clients discover you they feel excited and want to find out more – just maybe you could be the answer they’ve been looking for.



Learn a structure so that you know exactly how to take an “interested” client all the way through a guided conversation that supports them to saying “Yes Please!” to working with you. And watch those marketing efforts finally turn into clients!


You can get started here with my free training “The 7 Steps to Yes!” for authentic, heart-centred sales conversations.

Learn how to have structured and supportive sales conversations that end with the potential client saying “Yes please!” to working with you – if it’s right for them.

Let me know how you get on!




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