Business from the Heart Experience week

Business from the Heart Experience week

The Prizes!

I’ve run Business from the Heart Experience Week several times now so I know that the more you take part, the more you’ll get out of it.   So this year I decided it would be fun to incentivise you to really make the most of this free training, mentoring and support – by offering prizes to reward you for attending the sessions and participating in the Facebook Group.

Read on for details of all the prizes - and how to win "Points" to take part!.

***The Prizes!***

Here are the prizes you’ll be in for a chance of winning by collecting points this week!

1 year Membership to Business from the Heart

Win an annual membership to Business from the Heart, a thriving and supportive community designed to give you everything you need to grow your heart-centred business.  Every month you'll get mentoring and advice from me, as well as "how to" trainings to help you implement your next steps.   The membership includes group mentoring and hotseats, member meetups, "get it done days", accountability pods, and a monthly expert training.  In addition there is existing comprehensive training library to help you with nearly all aspects of growing and running your heart-centred business.

(If you’ve already joined when we announce your prize, you’ll be refunded *AND*
you'll get a 1 hour 121 with me in addition to your membership)

6 month Membership to Business from the Heart

Win a 6 month membership to Business from the Heart - everything described above, for a period of 6 months.

(If you’ve already joined when we announce your prize, you’ll be refunded *AND*
you'll get a 30 minute 121 with me in addition to your membership)

1 hour 121 mentoring session with Catherine

Value:  £600

Win a private, 1 hour 121 with me to work on any aspect of your business - this could be strategy, getting clarity about next steps, or anything else where you'd value my input.  This might be help designing programmes and packages, fine-tuning your marketing message, help enrolling your first paying clients, or launching your first group programme or membership.   You can let me know what you'd like to work on, or we'll use the time for me to help identify your best next step and give you advice on what you need to do first.

30 minute 121 business mentoring session with Catherine

Value:  £300

Win a private 30 minute 121 session with me - as above, we can work on any aspect of your business where you feel you'd value my input.

Prizes from our Hearties Mentors

These prizes have been donated by some of our resident "Hearties Mentors" who support our members within the membership


Get your Tech Sorted – with Alice Jennings

Value £97

(Alice is the resident Tech Expert within the membership)

A 1 hour session with Alice to help you with your tech or systems tangles.  Alice can cover a lot in an hour and whether you want help working out which system would be best for you, getting an existing system working better or setting up something new she will be able to help.  This could be getting a simple email system set up, creating a landing page, setting up a payment system, creating a one page website, sorting out your storage or something else.  It will be recorded so you'll  have your own bespoke training to refer back to if required.  You can find out more about the session here

Alice is a tech strategist and trainer with a mission to help small businesses get tech working hard for them. Check out her website here


LinkedIn Profile Polish – with Judith Parsons

Value £195

(Judy is the resident LinkedIn Expert within the membership)

A fabulous LinkedIn profile increases how often you are found in search results, gets more people clicking through to learn more, gets more of the right people connecting to you, and importantly gets you noticed!   In this 60 minute session Judy will review your profile to ensure it's positioning you in the best way, and is consistent and congruent with your website (if you have one).  She will help you ensure your profile is saying what it needs to be saying, and will recommend improvements and help you unpack any sticking points.  It also includes a review of your Company Page.

Judy is an LinkedIn expert who works with business owners & sales teams to close the gap between just "being on" LinkedIn and making LinkedIn work for generating clients, enquiries and opportunities.
Check out her website here:



Mindset Coaching OR Coaching Supervision session – with Beatrice Zornek

Value £200

(Beatrice is the resident Coach/Supervisor within the membership)

Choose from a 90 minute mindset coaching session or a Coaching Supervision session.  Beatrice believes work is a way to fulfil our life’s purpose. Combining her coaching & supervision skills with a degree in psychology, she will support you to reflect at a deeper level on what’s keeping you stuck in your business or your coaching practice, and make the mindset shifts you need in order to elevate the impact of your work.
Check out her website here:


Wild Wisdom Card Reading & Meditation Circle – with Monica Douglas

Value £180

(Monica is a resident Transformational Mentor within the membership)

The prize offers you the opportunity to reconnect with your true desires and get clear direction by BEING deep in the energy of your Wild Wisdom with the direct support of Monica.  You’ll receive a set of the first edition Wild Wisdom Oracle Cards and a place in the next Wild Wisdom Oracle Card Meditation Circle starting in January 2024.  This will give you concentrated time for yourself to stop all the negative chatter about the past and things in the future. You’ll also receive a personal Wild Wisdom Oracle Card reading with Monica to help you to improve your relationship with yourself, others and life.

Monica supports courageous entrepreneurs to create and maintain happy, healthy relationships as they grow more successful in their businesses.  She is a global Love and Relationship Coach and Founder of The Wild Wisdom Sanctuary and Oracle Cards.  Connect with her here:


Inner Gremlin Busting Session – with Linda Anderson

Value £395

(Linda is a resident Transformational Mentor within the membership)

Use this 90-minute private session with Linda to take a deep dive into any specific area of your business where you’re feeling blocked or chase away any pesky "mind gremlins" getting in your way.   Linda has helped hundreds of soul-inspired business owners to get out of their own way, take inspired action and be well paid for the gifts that come naturally to them.   Through her gentle yet deeply effective process you’ll get to the roots of what’s stopping you and with Linda’s special magic and guidance you’ll soon be on track and in flow.

Linda is an EFT practitioner and Mindset Magician who specialises in helping heart-centred business owners shift their blocks to business success, and is a much loved "mindset magician" within the membership.
Check out her website here:

Courses and Trainings

Vision & Planning - Live Workshop x 2

Two people will be invited to join us for the "members only" Vision & Planning session taking place in early December.     This is half-day virtual workshop designed to help you get clear on a plan of action for for 2024, that will play to your strengths and feel in flow.   This means you'll come back in January with a clear plan and knowing exactly where to put your energy and attention.   In it I'll be teaching you the flexible planning technique I use myself that allows you to have a clear 3-6 month plan - yet still be spontaneous when new inspiration strikes or that great opportunity comes along.

(If you've already joined the membership when we announce your prize, you'll get an additional 20 minute private 121 with me for me to help you fine tune your Vision & Plan for 2024!)

Selling from Speaking online course x 2

Value £595

This 11 module course teaches you how to craft a signature talk and compelling offer designed to inspire your audience to buy your service or product on the day when delivering a live talk or webinar, and in a way that feels genuinely authentic to you. You’ll feel confident saying yes to speaking opportunities because you know how to use them to enrol your ideal clients into your programmes or services – without feeling like you’re pitching. This is the way I grew my business in the first 2 years and it worked a treat for me - in this course I share exactly how I did it.

Attract Clients in Just 2 Weeks online course x 2

Value £297

This course is all about quick-win strategies to attract a flow of interested clients when you need to enrol new paying clients in the next couple of weeks.  In it you will learn 6 "quick-win" strategies that you can draw on whenever you need a boost of client enquiries - without the need for an online presence, fancy branding, complicated funnels or any other strategy that needs time to get traction (though if you have those already, great!).  Sometimes you just need a new client right now!  And I also introduce some ideas for longer term strategies that you can add in later as your business grows.

Time & Energy Management Training x 2

In this two hour training I teach you what I do to manage my time and energy - in my case, I usually run out of energy long before I run out of hours in the day!
Implement what you learn in this training and you could easily gain back 4 extra hours in a week - combine that with being more effective in what you are doing and you'll soon be seeing better results in a lot less time!
Includes also a complementary module by Tech Expert Alice Jennings to show you the tech and system solutions to help you implement what I teach.

The “Exactly what I Did” Series x 2

The "Exactly What I DID" series is 3 part training where I talk through exactly what I did in my own business to:
1.    Grow my business in the first 2 years
2.    Market my business without (very much) social media - both in the early days and what I do now
3.    Beta launch and then "proper launch" my first online course
I also highlight key lessons to reinforce what I teach in the membership, and of course help you avoid making some of  my mistakes!

My Favourite Things

Business Book Bundle: x 2

2 people will win a bundle of my favourite books that have had the biggest impact on my own business - I won't be telling you in advance what they are - it will be a surprise!  But I promise they'll have a big impact for you too.

Holiday Book Bundle x 2

2 people will win a bundle of my 4 favourite fiction books.  I've always been a bit of a bookworm and when I take time off my favourite way to relax is to bury my nose in a book!   I'll send you a bundle of some of my all-time favourite books, so you can enjoy your "downtime" too.

Beautiful Notebook / Journal x 2

2 people will receive my favourite beautiful notebook/journal that I use for doing my own Vision & Planning, and my early morning "cup of tea" journalling - I'll also include my favourite "healthy (ish) treat" to complement your journalling time!

How to Take Part

You'll win "points" for interacting and participating.  At the end of the week we will total up the points and you’ll be in with a chance of winning one of these great prizes – the more points you’ve totted up, the higher your chance of winning!

The deadline to win points and to submit your Secret Word entries is Sunday 26th November at 10.00pm.

Points will be allocated for the following:

  • 1 point - a correct answer on the Secret Word form (see below)

  • 1 point - attending a live daily training in person and adding a comment so we know you attended live.

  • 1 point - attending a live daily “member event" in person

  • 1 point - applying for a "Hotseat"

  • 1 point - commenting on a "Takeaways" post in the Facebook group 

  • 1 point - posting or asking a question in the Facebook group, or commenting on someone else’s post


The Secret Word form

In each of the live sessions (the daily trainings and the “member events”) I'll be sharing a “Secret word”.   All you have to do is attend the session – or listen in on the recording - and add the secret word to this quiz document:

Click here for the Secret Word form

And of course the REAL prize is available to all of you – the clarity, and insights and sense of connection you’ll get by taking part in Business from the Heart Experience week!

Much love

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