Let me support you in turning your business vision into reality through practical, grounded strategies that work for YOURead below for the options and availability for private sales and business mentoring.

Ways to Work with Me:



Business Coaching/Mentoring

3 months of high-touch support and mentoring to help you move your business forward with ongoing support and accountability.   A combination of 121 zoom calls where we can go deep into particular issues, plan out a new strategy or project, or work on mindset blocks. Or you can opt to use some of this time to have me review things for you – copy, website, webinar or talk structure, launch plans etc.  The 121 sessions will be supported by daily Voxer support for you to check in, ask questions, get feedback and keep moving – so you won’t have to wait for your next zoom call when you feel stuck on something.

  • Half-day Strategy/Planning Session (Zoom)
  • Fortnightly 1-2-1 mentoring call
  • Daily Voxer support: Check in, get support or ask questions (usually Mon-Fri)
  • Access to my courses and membership training library to support you with any implementation
  • Option to continue after the 3 months for £995 + VAT per month

* Prefer a different structure to suit your unique needs, or to allow for time off over the summer?  Let me know, I’m happy to flex this to work for you.

Investment:   £5,000 + VAT
(Payment plan available)

Sales Coaching/Mentoring

3 months focused specifically on your sales process, sales conversations or sales conversions.  This offer combines my Get More Clients Saying Yes! course to give you the detailed structure and process, supported my 1:2:1 support to help you put it into action and enrol new clients!.

  • My Get More Clients Saying Yes! course so you can work through the course in your own time
  • Three 1:2:1 sales/coaching mentoring calls to help you apply what you learn in the course to your own business, and also coach you through how to handle any tricky situations.
  • Over 3 months

* Prefer a different structure to suit your unique needs, or to allow for time off over the summer?  Let me know, I’m happy to flex this to work for you.

Investment:   £1,500 + VAT

"Asynchronous" Mentoring - Voxer

“Asynchronous” coaching/mentoring, also known as "pocket mentoring" because you can take it anywhere, takes place via a free voice/text app, typically Voxer or Telegram.  Conversations are “on and off” over a period of time rather than in real time.  This allows valuable space for reflection, planning, journaling and implementation between conversations, and doesn’t require calls at prescheduled times.
It’s not something I’ve offered before, so the first few will be experimental as I see how it works in practice – hence the first couple are at a “trial” price.

Mentor in your Pocket : 1 month 

  • 1 hour Focus call on zoom to kick off
  • Daily Voxer support: Check in with me, get support or ask questions (Mon-Fri) and I’ll reply the same day (or occasionally the next morning).
  • This is not “unlimited” all day support - typically we would explore one question or topic per day.

Investment:   £2,000 + VAT
(2 trial places - £1,500 + VAT)


1 Day of Mentoring:  

  • A full day of mentoring via Voxer, typically focused on helping you make progress with a particular project or challenge, though if you want to use it for more exploratory conversations that’s OK too.

Investment:  £1,500 + VAT
(2 trial places - £1,000 + VAT)

Note: This is not a full-day converation  If you want my full focused attention in a more intensive way then I recommend one of these more “traditional” options:

The Traditional Options

2 hour Strategy/Mentoring Session (Zoom):   £1,000 + VAT

Full Day Strategy/Mentoring Day (Zoom):  £3,000 + VAT*

*Extra charge to meet in person

If you would like to take up one of these offers please complete this short application form.
This will help me to know if I can help you, and if the option you’ve chosen is a good fit for what you want to achieve.  Applying doesn’t commit you to anything, but if you decide to go ahead payment will be required before we can hold your place.