How to get Clients when Marketing is Making you Miserable

This training is for you if you want to help or serve or teach or heal others until the cows come home and the sun sets behind the mountains.  But what you don't enjoy is feeling that in order to get those clients you have to "put yourself out there" all the time, "be all over social media" and you particularly don't enjoy what feels like the constant pressure coming at you from all quarters to “be more visible”.

Of course, if you want to get clients, marketing your business IS reality - it's not something any of us can avoid.  In this session I talk about how you can approach your marketing so that it feels more in flow for you and more like an extension of the "working with clients" bit.  I also explore some of the different approaches to marketing and the options available if you want to get off the social media treadmill completely.

Part 1:   How to get clients when Marketing is Making you Miserable
Part 2:  How to know what Marketing you will Enjoy