Why your “difference” is your Edge in Business

(even if you think you are too weird, too ordinary or
too sensitive to make it work)


Join me as I interview Marianne Cantwell, author of Free Range Humans about this key topic from her newly released book.


Wednesday 11th September,

7.00pm UK / 2.00pm EST / 11.00am PST 

We’ll be talking about how it's the very thing that makes you feel different that will create success for you in business – and how to use what is true for you to make it work.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

  • Why your difference, weirdness (even your ordinariness) is actually your big advantage when it comes to your business
  • Why you don’t need to be a rebel or have something wildly unique about you to stand out and make it work
  • What goes wrong when we try too hard to do business in the way we see others doing it
  • What to do when you feel overwhelmed by the all the messages about what you “should” do and the people who say “be a version of me and it will all be OK”
  • Understand your own “Free Range Attraction Style" so you can stay true to yourself in business and still attract your perfect clients
  • Why Marianne included me as a case study in her new book as an example of where I used my difference to create a business based on ease and flow rather than pushing against the grain to do what everyone else was doing.
  • And why being sensitive and introverted is an advantage in this “hustle harder” world. (rather than an extrovert)
  • We can also share from our personal experience about how mental health challenges like anxiety and depression don't have to stop you in your tracks - but you may need strategies and "workarounds".

There will also be time for Marianne to answer some of your questions live

Will it be recorded?

Yes it will!   If you can’t join us live just sign up below and we’ll make sure you get a copy of the recording.

Order the new Free Range Humans book here:   www.beafreerangehuman.com

Marianne is the author of Be A Free Range Human (translated into 6 languages and consistently Amazon UK top 10 in its category since launch in 2013, this book is about to be released in its updated second edition in the USA and UK in September 2019).

She is also the founder of Free Range Humans (the online course/events movement with 20,000 followers around the world) and a TEDx speaker (over 300,000 views).

She left corporate life over a decade ago, and spent years travelling the world full time with her laptop (before all the cool kids were doing it!). Today she lives between LA, NYC and London, and still travels to little quiet spots often.


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