Fall in Love with Sales week

A 5 day transformational journey for people who love to help - but don’t like to sell

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    Over the course of just 5 days you will transform how you think and feel about sales forever

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    Learn to have truly supportive sales conversations your clients will thank you for - and you will enjoy

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    Know how to navigate those parts of a sales conversation that can feel awkward and make you want to shy away

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    Start looking forward to sales with confidence knowing you have your clients best interests at heart

And best of all - there's no charge to attend!

Starts Monday 2nd October 

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Do you love working with your clients but feel so uncomfortable when it comes to the sales part that you know it’s preventing you helping more people?

Do you fail to make the most of your sales conversations (or even avoid them altogether) because the last thing you want to do is appear manipulative, pushy or self-serving?

Can you imagine how much would change in your business if you could fall in love with sales instead?

If you are thinking “no way, not me, I could never come to love sales” then here’s my challenge:

Give me 5 days and I’ll show you how sales can become one of your favourite parts of business!

Join me for Fall in Love with Sales: 2nd – 6th October

Over the course of 5 days you’ll get:

- a daily training (20-30 minutes each)
- a practical daily action to take
- 3 live Q&A/coaching calls to get your questions answered

Day 1:
Say Goodbye to Traditional Sales

Overcome your “sales stuff” so you can speak to potential clients from a place of love and service, and  also understand why traditional sales approaches might not be right for your type of business

Day 2:
The Energy & Intention of Sales

Tap into and experience a completely new energy when it comes to sales – this way you can feel totally congruent and confident when encouraging people to work with you

Day 3:
Truly Supportive Sales Conversations

Learn how to guide people through a conversation that feels supportive and not salesy for the client – and feels just as great for you too!

Day 4:
Sales as a Safe Space

Understand how to create a space of safety so your client is present to the conversation, open to hearing how you can help, and empowered to make the best decision for them

Day 5:
No more “Scary Sales Stuff”

Learn to navigate the tricky parts of a sales conversation you'd normally shy away from so they'll no longer stop you in your tracks, and instead give the client the support they really need

3 Live Q&A/Coaching Calls

Get your question answered by me, whether that’s to help overcome fears and mindset blocks, or more practical support with your sales process

Friday Wrap-up

We’ll end the week with an informal session to review the key teachings, share your wins from the week and get any final questions answered

Did you start your business because you felt drawn to do something meaningful and make a genuine difference to others through your work?   But find you feel so uncomfortable when it comes to sales you that you are struggling to confidently invite people to find out more, and then  make the decision to work with you?

Here's what I know:   It doesn’t matter how much “practical” sales training you have (or avoid having!), if you inherently feel that sales “wrong” or “manipulative” you won’t want to do it – and this can put the brakes on your business before you’ve even got going.

So join me from 2nd - 6th October and let me take you from feeling uncomfortable about the idea of selling your services to looking forward to it as one of your favourite parts of your business!

(And if you don’t believe that’s even possible, just sign up and let me show you!)

How Fall in Love with Sales week will work:

You won’t have to commit a huge amount of your time to get a big transformation when it comes to sales

Simply attend the daily training to get the core teaching

Take the recommended daily action to see tangible results

Then come to as many of the Q&A/Coaching calls as you can to get personal advice and teaching from me

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    When you register you'll be invited to join our private Fall in Love with Sales Facebook Group. But you don’t *have* to join the Facebook group to be able to participate in the week and make the most of the training and coaching.

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    Daily from Monday to Friday I’ll deliver a short (20-30 min) Live Training designed to have you fall in love with sales!

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    On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I'll host a live open Q&A/ Group Coaching session – just come along and bring your questions (or submit them in advance)

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    On Friday afternoon we'll have an informal Friday Wrap-up to revisit any key teachings from the week, answer any additional questions and celebrate your wins from the week.

If you can't make these sessions live, the recordings will be available to watch afterwards.  The links will be emailed to you to help you locate them easily.

And best of all - there's no charge to attend!

Starts Monday 2nd October 

Here’s what people have said during past rounds of Fall in Love with Sales:

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I can't wait to support you on this journey of falling in love with sales!

With love,

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Starts Monday 2nd October 

Catherine Watkin is the UK’s leading expert in authentic and heart-centred sales.

She works with heart-centred business owners who want a great business but don’t want to compromise their integrity.  She helps them get more clients saying "Yes Please!" in a way that feels authentic, comfortable is always in alignment with your values.

She helps her clients with everything from getting off the starting blocks with their first few paying clients right through to having £10-£12k months or launching their group programme.

She’s an authentic and inspiring role model for how it’s possible to create a successful business without resorting to sleazy or manipulative sales and marketing techniques.


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