Get More Clients Saying Yes! Course - Referral Programme

Welcome to the"Get More Clients Saying Yes!" referral programme.

This centre is designed to give you everything you need to share the Get More Clients Saying Yes! with your friends and communities - and invite them to join.

I am delighted and grateful that you want to promote and tell others about the course. I really appreciate your support!

Scroll down for all the info on how to spread the word.

If you require help or any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at

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How to use this page

On this page you will find useful information regarding the programme, organised in the following way.  (Click on the headings below to jump to that part of the page).

Key Dates and when to start sharing:

- via email
- via social media

Thank you rewards

- how we thank you

What to put in your email:

- example subject titles
- example email copy

What to put in your social media posts:

- Facebook & Instagram post examples
- Images for social media

Disguising your unique referral link

- important information about your referral link
- personalising and shortening your link

When to start sharing

You can start spreading the word about these online trainings any time from Tuesday 19th September when the registration pages will be up and ready.

We will send you your Unique Referral Link as soon as the pages are live.  You will be able to start promoting as soon as you receive your link - even if it is earlier than the date stated above.

Your Unique Referral Link is auto-generated and unique to you, so we send that to you in a separate email as soon as the sign-up page for that event is live.


Here are the key dates:

2nd October - Fall in Love with Sales week starts (5 Days)

9th October 7.00pm & 10th October 1.00pm (UK times) - Live Heart Centred Sales Masterclasses (choice of dates)

9th October to 13th October - Registration open for Get More Clients Saying Yes! Course


Here are your promotion opportunities:

19th September to 2nd October - Share the Fall in Love with Sales week

3rd October to 10th October- Share the Heart Centred Sales Masterclasses

9th October to 13th October - Promote the Get More Clients Saying Yes! Programme directly (share the sales page link)


Sharing via Email:

It would be ideal if you are able to send at least 2 emails for the Fall in Love with Sales week and 2 for the Live Masterclasses

Don't assume that people will have read your first email, so do repeat the summary and bullet points and all the main details in the second/reminder email.

I also recommend changing the subject title of the second email – maybe the first one didn't entice them to open it!

If you are only able to send one email then I'm grateful for whatever you can do.  Please send that any time between Tuesday 19th September and Monday 2nd October for the Fall in Love with Sales week OR from Tuesday 3rd October for the Masterclasses.


Sharing via social media:

You can start promoting on social media as soon as you receive your Unique Referral Link.  As soon as you receive that link you will be good to go!

For every person that joins the "Get More Clients Saying Yes!" programme as a result of your referral you will receive a referral payment of 25% of the price of the course after VAT is deducted (we pay this direct to the UK government).

This year the course price is £995 or 4 instalments of £269.
(Referral payments £208 or £56 per instalment)

Referral payments are made after the end of the 60 day course guarantee/refund period providing your referral has not received a refund.
Instalment payments are made monthly when the payment is received
Payments are made exclusive of VAT unless you raise a VAT invoice and include your VAT registration number


What to put in your email

If you are sharing via email or social media of course you can invite people using your own words.  However, if you feel stuck for what words to use I've given you some example copy to get you started, and some ideas for subject titles.

Please use this example copy as it is, or as a guideline for what to say. Feel free to reword it (or rewrite it completely) to personalise it to your community and so that it sounds like you. (If time is short just copy and paste - just make sure you delete the places we've noted suggestions for things to say).

If you have already attended one of my webinars or done the “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” course and had great results you might want to mention that.  It is great social proof for your community - hearing that you found it valuable will encourage people to attend the 1 week event or the Masterclass.

Click below for the Fall in Love with Sales week copy

Promotion dates 19th September - 2nd October

Click below for the Heart Centred Sales Masterclass copy

Promotion dates 3rd October - 10th October
(*Or as soon as you receive your Unique Referral Link)

Social Media and Branding Images to use


Images and Graphics to use when sharing on social media

Click to view full size image in a new window.

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Heart Centred Sales Get More Clients Saying Yes Masterclass with Catherine Watkin